Feather and Fan wrap – The Beginning!

Well... This looks safe...

Well… This looks safe…

Last weekend my husband and I made the long-ass drive to Montreal to see one of my cousins get married. My god, that is a long ass drive. It didn’t help that the roads were utter garbage and totally ice covered. Honest to God, this is New Brunswick. Winter happens every year. Snow and ice is not anything new for us, and the first storm of each winter seems to utterly freak out and overwhelm the plow people. No joke, while we skittered over the totally ice covered highway, we passed a salt truck who was not putting down salt! ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

We did eventually make it to the city and rest assured it was well worth it. Fantastic wedding and it is unquestionably a wonderful city. But this post isn’t about that. On this long ass drive I started a new project. I have been sitting on (not literally) my two balls of Kauni yarn for a while now. Back when I bought them I intended to make a Stripe Study shawl but after beating my head against the wall trying to gather the will to finish the endless stockinette of my Sonar Shawl the prospect of doing another top down striped shawl like that made me want to cry. So I ditched that idea and have been waiting for inspiration on what to do with my Kauni yarns. I have recently become infatuated with Feather and Fan stitch, I love the way it makes waves, so I decided to make a wrap using the Feather and Fan stitch. I still liked the idea behind the Stripe Study shawl, I think long colour gradient yarns striped out like that looks fantastic, so I decided to alternate colours in my wrap. Voila. Striped Feather and Fan Wrap pattern.


Doesn’t look like much yet but it has lots of potential! Yeah!

It is simple and unbelievably basic, to say the least, and hardly warrants being written up as a pattern. I mean it just repeats of a run of the mill feather and fan stitch and you knit until you run out of yarn, but I wrote it up anyway just in case someone wanted it. I made it so that the end result would be a pretty wide, quite long wrap because I hate HATE it when wraps don’t cover enough of my shoulders.


So far knitting it has been surprisingly awesome. Despite being a basic 4 row repeat it somehow fails to get boring or feel repetitive. I like that I can see my progress (stripes are great for that) and so far my colour gradient is looking pretty pretty good. It also is knitting up fairly quickly, all things considered. Granted the 11 hours each way drive to and from Montreal gave me a solid chunk of time to work on it and thus see progress, but still… it is knitting up fairly quickly.