The love-hate relationship with my shawl

Sonar Shawl

I blocked it to look like bat wings. 🙂

This is my Sonar Shawl.
This shawl took me a small age to finish and I whined like a baby the entire time. Why? Because the closer I got to the end the longer each row was, the longer it took to knit across, the more repetitive it got. Plus, near the end the colour changes (the one thing that kept things interesting during the project) became even less frequent, so I didn’t even have that to break the monotony. Basically, the last 20 or so rows were torture to me because they were just endless rows of stockinette and damn if that doesn’t get intensely boring after a while.

It also took forever to show any sort of progress, which for me is the nail in the coffin for any project. The odd thing was that I genuinely liked how the shawl was knitting up. I liked how it looked, I liked the weight and I was really looking forward to finishing it because I anticipated wearing it a fair bit. You’d think that would make the finishing less painful but… no. It was just miles and miles of super boring stockinette.

In the end I rage finished it. I got so sick of seeing it in my project bag that I finally got so angry that I refused to sleep until I was done the damned thing. I went a bit nuts in the process and I should confess that I cheated a bit and didn’t do the last couple rows of black. I couldn’t take it anymore and just bound off. Once the project was bound off and off the needles I of course loved the end result. It is unquestionably a lovely shawl and a good pattern. Still, it was such a colossal pain in the ass to finish that I still harbour angry resentful feelings towards it.

Then today a co-worker stopped me and asked me if I made my shawl. WELL! There are few things as enjoyable as having someone notice and comment on something I’ve knitted, so I was all “Oh, this? Oh, well, yes, I made it.” trying to be a bit modest. My co-worker who is apparently just learning to knit said that she thought it was beautiful.

I still sort of resent this shawl for being such a pain in the ass to knit, but anything that gets me praised can’t be all bad, can it?