COMING SOON: Squashy Cowl Pattern

085.JPGLast spring on the Ravelry forums I saw a post describing a stitch I hadn’t seen before. It looks sort of like ribbed bubble wrap, and it is so squashy and stretchy and lovely I immediately dug through my stash to find an appropriate yarn for a project in that stitch. The end result is my Squashy Cowl. Warm, stretchy, comfortable, squashy. Not too hard to do, easily modifiable to your tastes. When I knit mine I didn’t have much of a plan, and if I did it over I would do a provisional cast on so that I could do an invisible seam, but the visible seam in mine isn’t the end of the world. Plus, my visible seam was a hell of a lot easier and faster to do than kitchener.


The stitch itself that makes the “bubbles” isn’t hard but takes some explaining. Well worth the effort of learning it because it really is a fantastic end result. As a testament to how great it is, I wear this cowl all the time despite absolutely loathing the colour of the yarn I used. It was repurposed yarn from a frogged project and I’m glad that it went to good use but ugh…what the hell was I thinking buying that beige yarn in the first place?! I hate beige.


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