Time to get my knit together in my car I think…

While looking for patterns for a knitted teacosy for my sister I came across a “cosy” category for cars. Well, obviously I had to check it out because what I was picturing was a gigantic teacosy type thing to go around your entire car. I appreciate that wasn’t a terrible logical assumption for me to make.


Gear Stick Sock by imawale imawale

Obviously it wasn’t enormous car cosies (which was slightly disappointing), but what I did find was some brilliant items. Stuff like this Gear Shift Sock. This is a hugely brilliant idea for me. I drive stickshift and my god does that knob get extremely burny hot in the summer and extremely burny cold in the winter. A sock over it would solve everything!! Plus, pretty knitting!


Pimp your car by Florentine

I also saw Pimp your car which is to replace the material surrounding your gear shift. I don’t mind my black fabric around my gear shift but hey, if I can make it pretty knit why the hell wouldn’t I?!

In the process of getting all excited about these two items I also started thinking about knitting head rest covers as well, which I also think is brilliant. Or seatbelt sleeve things so that it doesn’t uncomfortably cut in to my neck. What a fantastic way to use up leftover yarn, amirite?! I also saw some patterns for steering wheel covers (like this) which I like in theory but I would worry about them being slippy and therefore a safety hazard.

The ability to knitify my car is making me crazy excited. I mean, seriously, why didn’t I think of this earlier?! I am 1000% doing this. It makes me wonder about other things I could/should be knitifying that I haven’t thought of yet.