Why don’t I own a proper yarn bowl?

A mixing bowl works as a yarn bowl... kinda...

A mixing bowl works as a yarn bowl… kinda…

I, an avid knitter, do not own a yarn bowl. Sometimes I use one of our mixing bowls to hold the yarn while I work but in general I just have the yarn on the couch beside me which is not ideal for many reasons. I decided today that a yarn bowl is really something I want. There are some decisions to be made though, or so it seems. Size, handle or no handle, lid thingy… The major one is apparently whether I want the yarn to come through a slot or through a hole. Personally I have no idea why you would ever choose the hole variety. What if you want to bring your project with you?? Because you flossed your yarn through the hole in your yarn bowl your entire project is essentially tethered to it. The only way you can separate your project from the bowl at that point would be to either finish the project or to cut the yarn. So a big fat “No” to the yarn bowls where the yarn is trapped in a hole. I also need to decide how big of a bowl I want since apparently they come in different sizes.

So now I’m actually looking for one to buy I am overwhelmed by the amazing options out there! A lot are just the standard bowls which can be nice and timeless, and then of course there are the ones that look like a cat and the yarn coming out of its mouth like some weird wooly vomit… but then I found this one….



Look at this! Just look at it! Tell me this isn’t gorgeous! The creator (by CHPottery on Etsy) has other similarly gorgeous yarn bowls using the same Raku technique, which gives it the amazing colours. I just can’t handle how gorgeous this yarn bowl is. Plus, I really like how loopy the slot is. I feel like it would do a good job keeping the yarn and not having it slip out of the slot.

You know what I really want? I want a tiered yarn bowl. I do enough colourwork that more often than not I have multiple balls of yarn on the go in each project. Having a series of stacked yarn bowls would be an absolute dream and so far I haven’t found one online that would serve that purpose.