Neon Ski Bonnet (aka. Knitted Sympathy)

I don’t generally like knitting for other people. I feel too much pressure to make it PERFECT, and I always worry they won’t like it, or (worse) won’t appreciate it enough to justify the work that went in to it.

However, last week my very best friend (and cousin) found out that a job she was hoping for was given to someone else. This job would have had her moving to my city which would have meant we’d be able to see each other a lot more – as it stands we are only able to see each other once every few months – so we’re both extremely disappointed. When she called me to let me know she demanded “Knitted Sympathy” and a cousin visit. Well, I wasn’t going to say no…

Don’t I look snazzy?

Its a Neon Ski Bonnet. What a great pattern and what a great end result!!

I’m going to visit her this coming weekend and will bring it with me then but I couldn’t wait until then to see if she liked it so I emailed her a couple pictures of it. She LOVES it and has already forwarded pictures of it around to other people to brag about what I made her. So many thank yous and “Oh my god, look at the detail, that must have been so hard!” comments.

So I may not generally like knitting for other people, but she has made it 1000% worth it. She can consider herself officially added to my “People Who Are Knitworthy” list. 🙂 This brings the list to a total of 3 people (me, my kid, and her). LOL


My project notes:

  • I made the Adult Large size hat.
  • Used Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids yarn that I got on sale at Michael’s for $2.50 a ball. For being inexpensive acrylic yarn it actually knit up quite well and was fine to work with. I generally sort of hate using cheap ass yarn like this but I was in a hurry and I am sort of broke after Christmas… 🙁
  • The hat itself took almost exactly 1 ball of yarn, but then I needed to break in to a second ball to make the pompom and ties.
  • The time the hat took me to knit was pretty evenly divided between the cabled band, and everything else. I was really getting grumpy over the band and how it was a tube and therefore taking a lot longer to knit than I felt it should have, but now that it is done I fully support the tube band. Extra warm and thick, AND the weight of it contributes to the hat’s ability to stay comfortably on my head.
  • I could NOT get the twisted stitches in the band to look right so I eventually gave up and just did a tight cable on either side (cables going in opposite directions). Looks okay but I wouldn’t do it the same way again. The next time I make one (which will be very soon) I will either find a way to make the twisted stitches work, or, more likely, will devise a totally different cable motif for the band.
  • For a hat like this you need to make substantial ties for it to look right. I made small dainty ones (as seen in the above photo) and they look dwarfed and stupid. I will be redoing them to be about three times as thick, and I think I will braid instead of twist.
  • My pompom making skills leave a lot to be desired. Freg.