EXPERIMENT: Dying my own yarn (part 2)

20150203_174022My hands are pink. Very pink. First they were green, now they are pink. So I guess that is the first point I want to make: Please god, use gloves and rinse your yarn very thoroughly to get off any unbonded dye. Ugh. I guess in terms of whether or not this experiment made my hands turn colours this has not been a big success. HOWEVER! In terms of whether or not I was able to make awesomely dyed yarn, this has been EXTREMELY successful.

After the first dye the balls looked pretty cool but due to my not balling them tightly enough and due to my having squished them repeatedly the dye ended up penetrating really far in to the balls and they became borderline solid coloured. The blue in particular really penetrated through, which would have been fine except I had been hoping for more of a colour gradient/ombre thing to happen.

Undeterred I gave the yarn a good rinse and then reballed the yarns, this time in the opposite direction so that they (slightly) lighter sections were on the outside. I gave them all a bath in some pink dye with the hopes of creating a pink – yellow gradient and a blue-purple gradient.

Mission accomplished.

The gradient turned out wonderfully, much better than I anticipated I’d be able to accomplish!

Now, before I get all excited and proud I do need to admit that the red dye hasn’t set particularly well. I tried very hard to rinse the yarn properly to get off the excess dye but clearly I didn’t do a good enough job because the dye is still coming off on my hands while I knit with it. Once I’m done knitting them I will try to give them a proper soaking and rinse, but regardless I’m expecting the dyes (especially the pink) to mellow out quite a bit when I felt them. Maybe it won’t, who knows, but I’m concerned.

I am about halfway through knitting up my project using this yarn. The first mitten is just about done and pretty awesome looking if I do say so myself. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the colours merge and blend when they are felted. Even if the colours mute out some, the colour transition should be pretty fantastic.


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