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EXPERIMENT: Dying my own yarn (Part 3 – the end result)

I finished knitting up my mittens using my dyed yarn and ran them through the washer a couple times to felt them up. I am very very pleased with the results. 003The colours stayed remarkably bright despite my concerns that not enough of the dye would have bonded with the yarn. I was pretty convinced that it was going to all wash out, but it truly didn’t. I have a definite colour gradient in my mittens! Hurray! The mittens themselves, while awesome, aren’t exactly perfect. They are still a bit big, especially at the cuff. I have to really stuff them in to my coat sleeves. But man alive are they warm and pretty fabulous looking if I do say so myself. I was so excited to show them off that I created a pretty weak excuse for why my husband and I had to go in town. (I said that I needed more sugar free syrup.) A proper project post about the mittens will be coming shortly.


So, in terms of yarn dying…

  1. I will absolutely be doing this again, and on a larger scale I think. I also intend to go at this at a much more controlled scientific way as well. I have been looking online for different sources of ready-to-be-dyed yarns and proper dyes, and I have a number of different ideas circling around inside my head for what I want to do. Expect more posts about me dying yarn.
  2. Dying yarn + knitting + felting = big bang for your buck in terms of how much enjoyment you get from one project. I can see how adding in the extra step of spinning your own yarn could extend that even further, but I am not ready to cross in to that dangerous territory (despite it being on my list of things I want to do this year.)
  3. Gloves are unbelievably important. I normally am not one who minds having my hands dirty or dyed or yucked up in one way or another, but having everyone at work make “What the hell happened to you hands?!” comments gets old. I will be getting gloves.
  4. My yarn swift (a recent gift from my in-laws!) made this way way way easier as well. I think a yarn baller would also be of great help, just in terms of balling up the finished product in a pretty way, but the swift is a bit of a must have if you ask me.
  5. Dying the tweedy Fishermen’s Wool worked well and in a pinch it absolutely works, but I want to try dying pure non-tweedy wool next to be able to get a more true, unmuddled colourway.

Part one of my yarn dying experiment

Part two of my yarn dying experiment

Project notes for the completed mittens using this yarn