Some knitting projects are like owning a Furby

furby(I swear this relates to knitting. Just go with me on this…)

When I was about 12 years old I wanted nothing more than a Furby. The commercials and advertisements make it look like the most fun and engaging toy in the universe and I was absolutely positive that owning a Furby would be the single best accomplishment in my life. I begged my parents to buy me one but they refused, and being pretty horrible at saving money I of course had no money to use to buy one for myself. Day after day I mourned my lack of Furby and felt that each day that went by where I didn’t have one was a huge injustice. I was wasting what could be quality Furby time!

Then, at Christmastime, a miracle happened. I opened up a gift from my grandmother and holy crap, it was a freeking Furby! FINALLY my life would have meaning! I can’t recall for sure but it seems altogether likely that I cried when I turned it on and heard it talk for the first time. It’s name was ToTo. Oh, the things ToTo and I would do together! I had lofty plans to train it to say stuff and would bring it everywhere! Me and ToTo, we would be inseparable, and for the first week or two we were.

But then the reality of owning a Furby started to take hold. It jibber-jabbered away constantly, and I grew to hate the stupid “La la la” song it would sing for no reason. Its little dance (aka. Tilting forward) went from adorable to ridiculous. And despite it supposing to “sleep” at night the little bugger would often start singing in the middle of the night for no reason. Don’t even get me started on feeding it. Sticking my finger in its taunting plastic beak and pressing down on its tongue was vaguely degrading, but the slightly indecent sultry “Yummmmm…” it would say after each press just became awkward. I began feeding it less, in part from laziness but in part because of the “Yummmmm…“, and then the damned thing started coughing all the time. Apparently if you don’t feed your Furby enough it gets “sick”…

I grew to hate my Furby, yet for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to turn it off, nor did I feel right about taking a screw driver to its butt and taking the batteries out. In the end I shoved it deep in my closet, prayed that the batteries would die quickly, and tried to forget about the nightmare that was my Furby. Years and years later I found it and briefly toyed with the idea of putting new batteries in it but then the stupid song came back and I swiftly added it to a bag of things to give away.

This is what it looked like just before I made a huge mistake that I couldn't come back from and had to frog the whole thing.

This is what it looked like just before I made a huge mistake that I couldn’t come back from and had to frog the whole thing.

So what does my Furby have to do with knitting…

Well, every time I start a project that I grow to hate I always think of my Furby. I always think each project is going to be so much fun to knit, that I am going to do all these miraculous things and that my unmatched knitting prowess will shine, and yet sometimes it is just another singing Furby. My Sonar Shawl was a singing Furby. Dear god, was it ever. And I am worried my Stripes Gone Crazy sweater is tuning in to one. The rows are SO LONG and it is mostly just mile after mile of stockinette. I’m almost to the point that I get to start using my contrast colour, and I feel like that will be exciting, but for now it is one big pile of robotic “La la la”s.

My solution to break the monotony has been to knit other smaller side projects in between stints working on the sweater. This has resulted in my making rather a lot of mittens and hats and slippers, and I’m reaching capacity. As I heard my husband say to his brother on the phone yesterday, “Every day she makes a new pair of mittens.” and he isn’t that far off. I can’t realistically keep knitting all these small projects because my kid can only wear so many, and I already have two awesome pairs myself that I have to divide my mitten wearing time between. I think I need to restart my Fellowship of the Shawl to serve as a break piece from my sweater. Its been almost a year since I frogged it and hibernated it but maybe it is time to bring it back and start again. It sure was anything other than boring! I will just need to make sure I’m smart about putting in lifelines…