Shimmy Mittens


The end result of my yarn dying experiment. I love how they turned out, all warm and cozy and colourful. My home dyed yarn was great, though I deeply regret not having spent more time rinsing the dyed yarn, especially the pink sections. Huge amount of colour transfer on to my hands while knitting those sections, and the cable on my needles even picked some up! Yeesh! None the less, love the mittens.



Click here to read more about my yarn dying experiment.


Project Notes:

  1. Used ~160g of Fishermen’s Wool divided in to four 40g balls. Two balls were dyed to be blue -> purple gradient, the other two were dyed to be yellow -> pink gradient. Each mitten used one of each colourway.
  2. Knit using size 13US needles. The yarn was held double in that I always held both colourways the whole time. It created a sort of double colour gradient that I think looks pretty cool.
  3. The mittens were 36 stitches around which was plenty. They are frankly a little wide yet, but I’m worried that if I felt them further they will become too short. I may still try anyway.
  4. I REALLY wish I had knit the cuffs longer. I made them 3.5 inches down from the thumb and I thought that would be plenty but nope. It is really irritating because I knew that felted items shrink in length more than width and I *thought* I had that accounted for but apparently not. Not the end of the world though.
  5. The thumbs were done as an afterthought thumb with seven stitches knit on to scrap yarn and picking up 1 on each corner to make 16 stitches around.

We have a loooooooooot of snow and it is cold as hell. My mittens are pretty fabulous for this weather!!