I refuse to not buy sock yarn, but I don’t enjoy knitting socks, therefore….

I have realized that I don’t like knitting socks very much (though I tried very hard to convince myself otherwise), but I do love sock yarn and all the ridiculously tacky colourways there are for sock yarns. Rather than forcing myself to knit socks just to justify buying pretty pretty sock yarns, I have instead found another solution. I have decided to knit a sock yarn blanket. A Sock Yarn Justification Blanket to be exact. I’m using the Sock Yarn Blanket pattern by Shelly Kang. Really simple and easy to follow, and free. Already I am really enjoying this project. I like the “quick hit” nature of it. Not that the blanket itself will be quick to knit, but rather each individual block is quick, fun, and easy. Mini-mindless knits.

As it stands, I currently have some existing sock yarns that I am going to invest into this project. I have half a ball of Paton’s Kroy sock yarn (from these), half a ball of Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball (from these), half a ball of Regia Flouormania (from these), the leftover pink and black fingering from my Sonar Shawl, and two full balls of DROPS Delight.

Using the existing yarns I already had on hand I have started knitting these little mitered squares. I initially knit a square using size 3US DPNs that I had around but the knit was way too loose and sloppy looking, so I (reluctantly) hauled out my size 1US needles. Even though it will take me longer to do, the guage is a lot nicer on the 1s so I am doing it on them. So far I have been using my size 1US circulars with their giant 24 inch cable and it has worked but it has been cumbersome. I will be picking up a pair of size 1US DPNs I think, just for this project.

My pretty pretty squares

As for the yarns, the Kroy sock yarn has been the nicest to work with so far and resulted in the most interesting blocks. The Zauberball is pretty good, but definitely thinner than the Kroy so the blocks aren’t as solid. The only other blocks I have done was using the DROPS Delight… I strongly dislike the DROPS Delight. I find it really weak and fuzzy and obnoxious to work with. I’ve made two squares out of it and that was enough to make me really question whether or not I want to use it at all. Even the colour isn’t that great for this, the colour transitions are so long that you hardly see any colour change within one block. I am increasingly feeling like there is no application of this yarn that would make me like it. Obviously I won’t be able to complete the blanket using just what I have now, so additional yarns will be needed.

Speaking of additional sock yarn, this project is sweeping me into very dangerous territory. My sock yarn purchasing has been relatively well controlled since I knew I wasn’t a huge sock knitting fan. Despite seeing tons of amazing, colour explosions of sock yarns, I have been very conservative in the ones I have actually purchased because I always had in the back of my mind that ultimately I was going to have to knit socks out of it. Now, though, when I look at sock yarn I don’t have any sort of reservations because now I get to use the yarns on this blanket! No more shall I be so careful and moderate in my sock yarn purchases… tee hee!