Think twice, act once, especially when it comes to hair and new knitting projects

Sometimes I am a bit stupid, make impulsive decisions, and I do things that seem brilliant but then regret very shortly after doing them. Cutting my hair is a perfect example. I am tremendously vain about my hair. I have gorgeous, soft, healthy hair and it isn’t uncommon at all for me to have strangers compliment me on my hair… at least when it is long. And oh my god, was my hair ever gorgeous and long last year. It was halfway down my back and just lovely. Then, after slamming my hair in my car door three times in one week I got angry and cut it off. I cut about eight inches off.

before after james-van-der-beek-crying




At first I was very happy with my hair all chopped off but within about 2 weeks I seriously regretted doing it. What the hell had I been thinking, cutting off my gorgeous hair?! It went from flowing gorgeous lengths of beauty to short, cropped, vaguely Cabbage Patch Kid. And the sad thing is that I have done this many times. I spend months and months growing my hair off and then rashly cut it off for some stupid reason knowing full well I am going to regret it. I never seem to learn.

Note to self: Challenging yourself is good. Setting yourself up for crushing failure is not.

I have started to make similarly stupid decisions when it comes to new knitting projects. My stranded, two-at-a-time mittens are the worst culprits. I really thought I was being brilliant, having my first two-at-a-time project be a pair of multi-colour stranded mittens. Having four balls of yarn going at once… not easy. Or particularly fun. 028Oh, and I was ad libbing the pattern. Also, mittens?! When I started this project mittens had been something I was unable to make successfully. And yet I thought that two at a time stranded mittens was a brilliant idea.

Not so much…

No, they are an unmitigated DISASTER. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they started out fine. I was all very motivated and excited about this undertaking and for the first bit I didn’t mind juggling four balls of yarn at once. I was all “Look at me! I’m such a fantastic knitter, dealing with four balls of yarn at once!!” But holy hell, that got old in a hurry. It took no time to start to really regret undertaking these mittens. What a huge pain in the ass they are. I worked on them some over Christmas but after that I happily abandoned them and moved on to other projects, and tried very hard to forget about them. Then today, while digging around in my knitting chest, I found them again. Ugh. Just ugh. They are a tangled half knit hell-hole of a project. A big part of me feels obligated to finish them, to ride this disaster out. The best way to learn from a mistake is to suffer the consequences of that mistake… but I have decided that there is nothing good that can come from wasting more time on these stupid mittens. I could frog and try to reuse some of the yarn but honestly I can’t even bother doing that either. I’m just going to declare them horrible and bin them.

No need to suffer the consequences of this decision as long as I am suffering with my stupid decision to chop off my gorgeous hair. 🙁