Three words: Thrummed Rainbow Insoles

Sweet mother of pearl it is brutal winter, and I say this as born and raised Canadian well used to the yearly ravages of winter. This winter is pretty terrible and extreme and my normal cold weather gear just hasn’t been sufficient. Projects like my birthday sprinkles hat and my shimmy mittens have been important additions that have helped me to stay warm but my feet remain cold, even at home.

Enter my brilliance!

Thrummed Knitted Rainbow Insoles

They may look crazy and alien-like, but sweet mercy are they awesome!

A couple of nights ago I was digging through my knitting bench and unearthed a half done thrummed slipper I started a couple of months ago. I had knit it using some crap acrylic Red Heart Super Saver and thrummed it with some properly lovely rainbow wool roving. I think my thought was to make it out of crap acrylic for durability and then line the whole thing with lovely wool thrums for comfort and warmth. Also,  I say half done because I never got further than the sole of the slipper. I actually declared the project killed a couple of months ago and pulled the needle out, not even bothering to slip it on to some scrap yarn. When I found the slipper bottom I had a sudden moment of brilliance. If I was Jimmy Neutron I would have hollered “Brain blast!“.

I took the half finished slipper bottom and stuffed it in to one of my Juno slippers and then put the slipper on. BAM! I just made the best and most warm slippers this universe has ever seen! I quickly crocheted the live edge of the slipper bottom to lock it in and keep it from unraveling (more) because this was BRILLIANT. In my slipper it turned what was an awesome slipper in to a parade of warmth and comfort, so I started thinking “What if I put them in my boots?”. DOUBLE BAM! More crazy warmth and comfort! I NEED to knit a matching one because damn, this is awesome. I predict I will leave them in my slippers for the most part but I’m not going to aggressively and securely attach them inside my slippers just yet. I love the idea of having removable insoles like this that I can use in different things.

So basically, I’m a genius. I have *invented knitted thrummed insoles.

Now…. I just need to knit a second one….

*yes, I know I am probably not the first person to do this. Quit ruining my fun!