Mulligans count in knitting too, right?

I am a (very amature) golfer. My husband and I golf during the warmer months and enjoy it quite a bit. We aren’t awesome but we aren’t terrible, and frankly we just golf for fun. Because of that, I am a firm believer in mulligans. Being able to pretend like a poorly hit ball never happened is key to my enjoyment of the game. Plus, I always make a point of saying loudly, “MULLIGAN!” whenever I want to pretend a hit never happened. (Yes, I know that yelling about a bad hit and drawing attention to it is somewhat counterproductive in the attempt to pretend it never happened.)

Sock Yarn Justification Blanket 2.0


I’m yelling “MULLIGAN!” at the top of my lungs for my Sock Yarn Justification blanket. Scrap blanket yarn bag thing

I had made some good progress on it but I kept feeling like something was amiss. I looked at pictures from completed projects of this pattern on Ravelry and it hit me what my problem was… my squares were pointing in all different directions. At first I tried to convince myself that it wasn’t a big deal, that I would like it just fine with my squares all whackadoo, but the more correctly oriented project pictures I saw the more I started to doubt whether I would like it all whackadoo. I posted on Ravelry to try to get other people’s opinions and suggestions on what I should do. The consensus was that I should start over, that if I’m not happy with it now I will probably not like it later either. No point in spending hundreds of hours on a project that isn’t exactly what I wanted. So I decided to restart and actually follow the damn instructions this time.

Unfortunately this did leave me with the question of what to do with the chunk I had knit so far. Frogging and reusing the yarn was sort of out of the question because of how they are attached. After sitting with it, folding it this way and that, I discovered I could seam it together and have it be a pretty well lined up little bag thing. Granted, it is extremely odd looking, especially with its little feet, but it amuses me. Maybe I will use it as a gift bag for someone. No idea. I just know I am going to use it, one way or another.