I’m taking a knitcation.

Today is my birthday. I love birthdays. I’m one of those people who thinks everyone should have an awesome birthday day and normally this would be a day where I am all sunshine and daisies and obnoxiously happy. Not this year. No, it has been a trying 12 hours. Why?? Well….

I drew what I think the animal my kid was imitating must look like. My art skills leave something to be desired, but you get the idea. It is Godzilla with an ambulance for a head.

  • Horrible night’s sleep for various reasons such as randomly waking up for no thinking its morning (hate when that happens),  being too hot, having bad dreams, my husband snoring, and (by far the worst) my husband farting and the stink being so bad that it woke me up. (He CLAIMS it wasn’t him, or at least that I can’t prove it was him, but come on… He is the farter in this marriage.)
  • Out of nowhere and with no warning my hair dryer went all Klingon and decided that perhaps today is a good day to die. I am stuck with two french braids today. I look like a (very grumpy) adult Heidi.
  • My kid decided to spend the morning making loud ”WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-UGGGGGGNNNNNNN” noises repeatedly. It is hard describe, but if you imagine a mix of Godzilla’s scream and an ambulance siren, interpreted by an eight year old with a cold, you’d at least have the gist of it. Possibly the most annoying sound in the world. That noise, over and over and over. When I told him to stop he looked at me as though I was making a truly unreasonable request of him, like what he was doing was totally un-annoying. Yes, clearly I am the crazy one in this situation…
  • During a small close-quarters meeting a work a guy farted FOUR TIMES. This was a 20 minute meeting. That is a fart every five minutes. During a business meeting. In a small meeting room. I get the sense that the guy probably couldn’t help it, but that doesn’t make it not unpleasant.

This, so far, is how I have spent my birthday.

So basically, I give up. There is only so much a girl can take, and for all this to be on my birthday… It is all just ridiculous. In order to not resort to outright weeping or going on some sort of manic killing spree I have decided to use one of my precious vacations days so that I have something to look forward to. I am making this weekend a long one, I’m going to be taking Monday off to spend the day at home, relaxing, and knitting. No one else, just me, my needles, some tea, and some Stampy Cat (stampylonghead) and Squid Nugget (iBallisticSquid) to amuse me. Yes, I am 33 and enjoy youtube videos meant for kids. I’m not embarrassed or apologizing for it. Those two are properly entertaining no matter how old you are. And it is harmless, good-natured, non-violent, and just plain funny. Stampy and Squid are my favourite things to watch while I knit (with Iron Chef Japan coming in second).

Sweet sweet mindless entertainment… Ahhhhh 🙂

So that is my plan for Monday. I’m taking a big fat Knitcation.

  • knitting
  • all-day jammies
  • hot cups of tea
  • Stampy and Squid
  • possibly taking a nap (!!!)

The amount that I am looking forward to this cannot be measured or described in words, and (aside from Stampy and Squid) I think my plan for Monday would appeal to a lot of knitters. I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that I never seem to have as much time as I want to do my knitting, so taking a whole day is stupendously luxurious and thrilling.

I do hope the rest of today goes better but if it doesn’t, well, I still have Monday. 🙂