I really need a “guest” room.

Home sweet tiny home

Home sweet tiny home

Thanks to Ravelry I have seen some pretty phenomenal yarn stashes, and I have seen some pretty phenomenal yarn storage options.  Some people even are blessed with the ability to have a room in their house specifically dedicated to knitting/yarn. Me, I don’t have that ability. Hell, I hardly have the room for the small amount of yarn and knitting supplies I do have. I live in a small two bedroom, one bathroom, ~800 square foot house. No attic, no basement, no extra space. We have over three acres of land and live in a lovely neighbourhood, and we have exactly the amount of house we need without anything extra. I know that a whole lot of people would shudder at the idea of living in a house our size, but I love my tiny house. It is cosy, cheap to heat, cheap to cool, it takes very little time to clean, we’d be able to afford it on one paycheque if the need arose (god forbid), forces closeness and interaction between the whole family, and we have no choice but to live frugally and slightly minimalist because there simply isn’t the space for unnecessary things. It is awesome. I love my house!


The average Canadian house is 1,948 square feet. Ours is just over 800 square feet, less than half the average. I am weirdly proud of this. 

Living in a tiny house does come with some downsides, two in particular having big impacts on my knitting. The first (and most obvious) is storage space. Small house = not a lot of space to put stuff. We have done a lot to try to maximize our storage options and organization, and my knitting posed a bit of a problem. Without having a designated knitting storage spot my yarn and needles and various works in progress sort of exploded all over the house. The epicenter was clearly my side of the couch in the living room but the evidence of my hobby was definitely felt through the whole house. Only recently have I gotten it under control. I annexed one of our storage benches (you know, the kind that looks like an ottoman but it opens up into a chest?) in our living room and declared it my knitting storage spot. It works fairly well, and in order for my husband to agree to my takeover of the storage bench I had to promise that my knitting supplies would not exceed the capacity of the storage bench. It has been a good solution, though I do worry it is going to prove very difficult keeping to that small area.

The other downside to our small house is opportunity to put my knit items to use. Obviously I don’t mean my knit hats and whatnot. No matter how small your house you can always use a house. I mean more along the lines non-wearable knits. Take blankets for example. There isn’t as much opportunity for me to use the blankets I have made over the years, and this was a problem way before I took up knitting. Before knitting I went through a sewing phase and I made some quilts, and between the quilts I made and the quilts my mother made for me we have five. Five quilts that languish and get no where near the exposure they deserve. Just yesterday I hauled out an old quilt WIP and finally edged it so now that it is six quilts I guess. And now I am compounding this issue by making a sock yarn blanket! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for knitting things for the fun of it without any set plan of how you’re going to use it, but maybe this is a bit much. This downside also makes me feel like I can’t make other household knits (like pretty face clothes and pillows) because where the hell would be put them!

You can't really tell from the pictures but those white panels are all hand quilted.

My most recently finished quilt. You can’t really tell from the pictures but those white panels are all hand quilted.

So one thing I would change about our house in a heartbeat would be the addition of a third bedroom. I would be the “Guest Room”, but it could also work to display the the things I have made. You know, I could make the bed with one of my quilts, keeping them all in rotation of course, so that they all get some display time. Maybe I would use one quilt as the bedspread and then have another one folded cutely at the foot of the bed, doubling down on the homemade blanket goodness! I could knit guest face cloths and lovely cheery “WELCOME” pillows to put on the bed. Since guests don’t need a whole closet, perhaps I could annex the closet in that room for my knitting supplies and sewing supplies. Clearly we would need some sort of comfortable chair for the guests’ comfort and, oh, I guess I could use it too. I could go and knit in the “Guest Room” when I needed a quiet knit break. Perhaps I could keep a little electric kettle in that room so that guests can have hot drinks in their room, and hey, with that kettle I could make myself some tea to drink while I knit without ever having to leave the knitting room. Oh, how I would love a knitting room!

Guest room. I mean guest room, not knitting room!

Yeah… well, too bad for me I didn’t marry an idiot. He doesn’t buy my assertions that my desire to build on to our house is for our guests’ benefit, not at all for my knitting. My husband knows full well that if/when we ever build on an addition to our house that my intention will likely be to vomit my yarny hobby all over it, marking it as mine mine mine all mine. He does agree that having an extra room WITH A BED IN IT (ie. not just a knitting room) would be very useful, especially for when his parents come to visit, and building on an addition is something we are seriously considering in the next 5 years or so. However, I am pretty sure that before any additions are made to our house some sort of contract will be drawn up where I have to agree not to completely take over the room with my knitting stuff. X% of the closet may be used for knitting supplies. That sort of thing.  And as my husband annoying points out, it would cost more for me to get my knitting room than it would cost for him to get a BMW.

Maybe if I find a way to get him a BMW first…..