Life is getting in the way of my knitting

Over the past four days I have hardly knit at all. I think I finished one and a half blocks for my blanket, so… thirty minutes of knitting total? Thirty minutes of knitting over four days. What the hell!

Grown up responsibilities have been eating in to my knitting time.

I can’t even be bothered to find an appropriate picture to go along with this post, so instead I offer you this¬†cute picture of a hamster.

I don’t think this is uncommon. I think this probably happens to a lot of people. It can be hard to make time for hobbies. It is just really frustrating because this isn’t something I have had to really deal with in the past. I’ve always been able to find time to knit! But no, not this past week. A lot has been going on in the past week or two, from my being sick, to my stepson getting in trouble at school for dropping the F-Bomb, to long overdue house cleaning (which is still not done), to preparing for a job interview. It has just been a LOT to deal with. A lot of stress, a lot of concerns, a lot of things that needed doing, all the while having to adapt to the stupid time change which always takes the stuffing out of me. The small chunks of time that I have actually had to just sit down and chill out on the couch (my normal knit time) I opted not to knit. I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe I just didn’t have it in me to expend any additional brain power. Those blocks are stupid easy to knit, but they do still take a bit of thinking, and I guess it was just too much for me to handle. (God, that’s pathetic!)

On top of not having the time to knit I also haven’t had the time to really stay on top of this site. I usually try to post 3 times a week (every monday, wednesday, and friday) but its been a real stretch the past bit. I have a ton of things I want to write about, but it is hard finding the time right now.

HOWEVER! The end of this stressful stretch is approaching. I’m not sick anymore (thank god) and my job interview is tomorrow morning so THAT will be off my stress plate. Come tomorrow evening I am hoping that I will have cleared enough space in my brain to be able to knit again and get some good content prepared for this blog.


So if this week’s content is a bit… weak, this is why.