My kid thinks I am a knitting superhero 2

My kid, in all his splendor. The stupid faces in pictures is mostly my fault, because every time I take pictures I have him do a serious one AND a funny one. Also, note that he is wearing the very first pair of mittens I ever made for him. 🙂

For his birthday supper he asked for steak and Bearnaise. My not-yet-eight year old LOVES my homemade Bearnaise sauce and asks for it by name. I am raising this kid to be a proper gourmet. 🙂

My son  is fairly awesome. Technically he is my step-son, but I hate using that “step” qualifier. He’s my SON, full stop. I don’t have (or want) bio-kids so having him as my stepson is just about the most wonderful thing ever, and I am so thankful for him. Being a step-mom is pretty hard sometimes, but he makes it about as easy as it could be and I don’t think I would love him any more if he were my bio-kid. He really is fantastic. And yes, I appreciate that every parent thinks their kid is awesome, but seriously, mine is pretty exceptional. I never stop getting surprised by that kid. Take last night, for instance. I told him to think of something awesome to have for supper tonight because his father was going out with his friends so it would be just him and me. I figured he’d choose pizza or tacos… normal kid stuff. Know what he chose to have? The homemade broccoli soup I make. THAT was his “something awesome” choice. Name another kid who would choose that! His father just sort of shrugged and smiled at me as though to say, “That’s all your influence.” And hey, I’m more than happy to have broccoli soup tonight, it is easy and delicious, and I am the one that is always pushing foods like that on him so it is because of me he likes that stuff,… but you know, part of me is disappointed we’re not having tacos…

Taken a few years ago on one of our first family outings to the beach, but not much has changes since then. We bonded over our love of taking stupid looking pictures.

Anyway, my kid is awesome for many other reasons (not just for his apparent love of broccoli soup and Bearnaise sauce) and one of which is his appreciation of my knitting. I think the Creeper Hat I knit for him pretty much sealed the deal for him, he has worn that hat almost every day this winter, occasionally pondering over whether he should wear it on the green side or the black side (it is double knit so totally reversible). He thinks it is fairly magical that I was able to knit something that cool, and it is never a bad thing having your kid think you’re magical. Plus, having knit him a pair of mittens in one evening probably added to his “Lesley is a superhuman knitter” belief.

I have to wonder whether he really does think there is some magic involved in knitting because he is funny around my knitting. He is always very careful never to pull on yarns or anything, but it goes further than that. Once his foot apparently got wrapped around some of my yarn and when he got up and walked away from the couch it pulled the yarn with it. When he noticed he FROZE and said in this huge, totally serious panicked voice, “OH…. NO!!!!!!!” and then started hollering for me to come. It was a total non-issue, he didn’t pull out any stitches, all I had to do is ball up the bit of length he unraveled from the ball. I reassured him it was totally not a big deal and I said it was my fault for leaving my yarn about all messy like that, but it clearly freaked him out and ever since then he has been even more insanely cautious. Now, if my knitting is on the couch and in the way, he picks it up and moves it as though it were a bundle of dynamite and lit matches. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s careful with it, but its a bit overkill. Maybe he’s worried if he ruins my knitting by accident I may decide to never knit him things again. ha ha

2015-03-11 13.14.19My sock blanket has been a bit of an enigma for him. He has watched me work on it from square one, I explained exactly what I was doing, and when I started off knitting single squares I would toss them at him as I finished each one and let him play with them, but the whole project just seemed to confuse him. Tiny squares into a blanket didn’t compute, until two nights ago. I was knitting while he and I were watching Spongebob together and he started asking questions about it, asking if I had used up whole “bundles” yet (he meant balls of yarn), and asked what it was going to look like. I finished the square I was working on and then laid out what I had to show him.

His jaw dropped.

He could not BELIEVE what I have made so far. He thinks this sock yarn blanket is the coolest thing ever (I can’t help but agree) but then asked how big I was going to make it. I said “Big enough to fit on a bed”. He stood a couple of feet away from the blanket and asked if it would be “this long” and I said around that big. I said to him “It has taken me a few weeks just to knit this bit, so it is going to take me a really long time to finish the whole blanket! It takes a lot of people who make this kind of blanket over a year to finish it!”.

He just looked at me, smiled, and said completely confidently, “You’ll have it done a few months.”

Well, crap. Now I feel like I need to finish it in a few months so that I don’t ruin the “Lesley is Magic” belief he has in me. I refuse to lose my Superhuman Knitter status.