Flowers aren’t the only things that grow in the springtime

My sock yarn blanket is really starting to take on a blanket-y appearance! It keeps growing and growing and growing. I can see the progress and that makes me want to keep working on it, which is good because damn this is going to take a lot of work to finish.

People’s reaction to this project continues to amuse me. This is actually an incredibly easy project to do in terms of skill required to knit it. It is just garter stitch with a decrease, nothing at all fancy going on here. The only “hard” part is just the sheer volume of knitting required. It apparently looks like some sort of knitting rocket science because people generally react with awe and make “I could never do that!” type comments. I keep saying “You could! It is actually really easy!” because seriously, it is REALLY EASY, but no one believes me. I fear I may come off as being falsely modest or something along those lines.

Aside from that I have some notes…

  • My poor worn out needles.

    I’m at ~92 blocks now (still counting the big blocks as four) and inching ever closer to the 100 block mark. I know that this blanket is going to be a LOT more than 100 blocks (probably closer to 600) but the first hundred feels like a benchmark. I feel like if I can cross the 100 blocks mark I will have gotten far enough into the project to have to finish it.

  • I know last update I said how I was doing my decreases by slipping the two stitches purlwise and that the difference was negligible. Yeah,… changed my mind. I have switched to slipping the stitches correctly knitwise and yeah, alright, the “spine” of each block is more snug and defined now. It just looks a bit tidier, especially with the lighter weight yarns. So that is twice now that I have deviated from the pattern and twice that I have learned that it was that way in the pattern for a reason. Lesson learned (I hope).
  • My needles are in rough damn shape. This project is the only thing I ever used these needles on and already I have worn the coating right off of them, mostly from where the needles rub against my palm of my right hand. Don’t quite know what to do about that.
  • This is a scrap blanket. It is supposed to look scrappy and chaotic and a bit rustic (a word I hate, but it applies). I really really don’t think fussing about and edging the blanket or (worse) knitting the little triangles to square up the blanket honours the spirit of the blanket. Bygones to people who have done a clean edge on their scrap blankets, I understand why people would want to, but it just doesn’t follow what I envision for my version of this blanket. I have every intention of leaving it all saw-toothed and the edge “unfinished”. However, I still want the edge to be… tidy. I have found that using some of the heavier weight sockyarns that I have for the edge blocks give me the snappiest and cleanest edge while still maintaining the spirit of the blanket. I wish I had done this for the initial bottom edge because a couple of the blocks at the bottom are in some of the lighter yarns and are a bit looser and floppier than I’d like for an edge. Very tempted to knit a new bottom row of blocks.
  • I am getting really obsessive about block randomization. Before starting a new block I take time to inspect the blanket and make sure I don’t make a block using a yarn that occurred too close to the intended new block. I don’t have a set rule, I don’t enforce something strict like “blocks of the same yarn cannot be closer than 4 blocks away”, it is entirely just my eyeballing it. But I am getting pretty obsessive about it. I am also getting really obsessive about colour variance. I keep ending up with little pockets of similarly coloured blocks which drives me bonkers. Part of the problem is that I feel like I don’t have enough variety of sock yarns right now, which is hard to believe since I have an entire bucket of different sock yarns!
  • I still really love this project. I have basically set aside every other project I had in the works (including my Stripes Gone Crazy sweater) and am working exclusively on this. This may not be so smart. 20150323_074540