Can I balance being a good hostess while still knitting? 1

This evening my in-laws are arriving for a long overdue visit. They are truly lovely people and am very much looking forward to having them stay with us for a few days. In the same way that I totally lucked out on an awesome stepson, I totally lucked out on awesome in-laws. Kind, funny, easy going, thoughtful, genuine, lovely people and I truly look forward to them visiting. However, having them visit does present a tiny bit of a… well, I don’t want to say problem because that would be overstating it, but it does present me with a situation to solve.

Namely, being a good and attentive hostess to my in-laws but also finding some time to knit.

First world problems, I know. But it is something I want to be careful about. I do have a history of spending a LOT of my free time knitting, especially on the weekends. Knitting is how I destress and reset my brain, but it can be a pretty disengaged-from-whats-going-on-around-me activity, and that isn’t polite for guests. In the evenings when it is just me and my husband I usually have my needles in my hand, and I am able to watch something with him while knitting (currently House Of Cards and Alias) but I clearly don’t always do a super good job of balancing my knitting with interacting with him because sometimes he requests that I NOT knit during a show or movie so that my attention isn’t divided…

My mother-in-law Marion, luckily, has a yarn hobby as well (crochet) so she understands the draw of yarny hobbies. She also is pretty impressed with my knitting and interested by it (or at least she sure acts as though she is!) so I definitely have some leeway there. Plus, my in-laws bought me my fabulous swift as my Christmas gift and she wants to see it in action, so that is good as well. Happy to oblige! ha ha But still, I don’t want them to feel ignored or less important than my knitting.

When it comes down to it, my in-laws are absolutely more important to me, and I am probably going to err on the side of not knitting as much to ensure I don’t unintentionally behave rudely. It has been a long time since we last had a proper visit with them, so I want to make sure I’m present, not just in body but also in mind.

My sock yarn blanket will still be waiting for me next week. 🙂