Spotlight: Tiny Alpaca! by Anna Hrachovec

Tiny Alpaca! is one of the most adorable patterns I have ever seen. I can’t handle how cute these are. I don’t knit (or particularly understand the appeal) of amigurumi  but these absolutely slay me in their adorableness. I went to the designer’s website (Mochimochi Land) and discovered a world of other ridiculously cute knitted things.

I also can’t handle that in her pattern pictures she includes on where the little alpacas are playing Twister. I mean, seriously, who comes up with this!? First she creates the most adorable little knitted alpaca ever, and then turns it up to eleven by posing them on a tiny game of Twister?! I want to high five the designer for her brilliance. I aspire to be as awesome as she clearly is.

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