Welcome back, Fellowship of the Shawl!

Ever since I started my sock yarn blanket that has been the only thing I have worked on. That is all fine and good, and I have a lot of progress to show for it, but I need a little variety. The sock yarn blanket is far from complicated, it isn’t knitting that requires a lot of skill or thinking, and part of me feels like an underachiever for only working on it. Part of the reason why I enjoy knitting so much is because I am able to build skill and improve, but this blanket, which awesome, isn’t allowing for that.

My last attempt at the shawl. Considering I had only learned to knit a couple months before this project I think it was pretty good. Shortly after this picture I screwed up and had to frog the whole thing, at which point I gave up on the project… until now…

As of last night, I have restarted my Fellowship Of The Shawl. I can’t really pinpoint what made me want to do this project. I’m a bit of a LotR fan, so the connection there was nice, but mostly I just LOVED the end result. It is a beautiful shawl. This isn’t me abandoning my sock yarn blanket, far from it! This is me having a second active project that I can work on intermittently to keep my knitting brain a little more fresh. As I said, this is a REstart. This is not my first whack at this particular pinata, and on my first go around this pattern had a lot of firsts for me. It is the very first knitting pattern I ever purchased, it was the first lace work pattern I ever attempted, and the first time I ever worked from a chart. It was pretty challenging right from the off, but I felt it was a doable challenge.

I may have been wrong.

The last time I worked on this shawl was back in May 2014, almost a year ago, and my experience with the shawl had been pretty frustrating. Incorrect gauge, reading the chart wrong, ending rows with the wrong number of stitches, lifelines slipping out…. A world of hurt. This project was an absolute world of hurt. I detailed my struggles pretty clearly in my project notes.)

Mizzle Shawl

My Mizzle shawl knit in Wolle’s Colour Changing Cotton (Universe II colourway)

One element that I anticipated being difficult but actually wasn’t is that I was using the project using Wolle’s Colour Changing Cotton. I heard about this yarn on the Ravelry boards when I posted asking about long colour transition yarns, and instantly fell in love with it. I ordered 4 different colourways (one of which I used on my Mizzle shawl). Gorgeous gorgeous yarn.

The reason why I thought using this yarn would complicate this project was because I had read a whack of different people complaining about the yarn, complaining about the fact that the yarn doesn’t have a twist and therefore it is easy to miss plies when knitting, and lots of people complaining that because it is cotton it doesn’t have much in the way of stretch and therefore is harder to knit with, etc. It seems like Wolle’s is a love or hate, and as it turns out I am a love. I have zero issue with the lack of twist (though I hugely prefer my sock yarns with a high twist), and I don’t really mind that the yarn doesn’t have a stretch and is a little harder to knit with. I like knitting with it, and frankly the gorgeous colourways are pretty persuasive. And no, I have no affiliation to Wolle’s, I get no kick backs or anything else. It’s just nice yarn that I like.

ANYWAY! I have restarted. I have a skein of Sand II, which you can see from my picture here that it is a sort of sandy clay colour that transitions to a cream. I also have an additional 50g ball of the cream colour in case I need extra yarn (which I feel is fairly likely for this pattern). I think the earthiness of the colourway should work well with the shawl, and it should be neutral enough to be pretty wearable.

Also, see my Mizzle? See how the blue edge is pretty disproportionately thin? That is because I knit the ball from the wrong direction. I SHOULD have started with the blue first, but i didn’t, and, well, there you go. I think it still looks good but it is a bit of a DUHHHHH moment in retrospect. I am being careful to not make the same mistake this time.


Oh, and I will be using a TON of lifelines. I do not want to have to restart this ninety billion times. The seventy billion times I have had to restart this project has been bad enough.