Spotlight: Shirley Brian Yarns

I am always keeping an eye out for new and fabulous gradient yarns, and, as I have said in the past, I do have people in my family who are allergic to wool, so non-wool gradients are pretty appealing.

Flashdance - Shirley Brian Yarns -

Flashdance – Shirley Brian Yarns (

Today I discovered Shirley Brian Yarns – it is 100% cotton fingering yarn and it comes in quite a spread of different colour gradients. It looks pretty similar to Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton, a yarn that I have experience using and like rather a lot, though if I have one complaint about Wolle’s it would be how limited the supply is, and therefore difficult it is to get your hands on the nicest colourways. You also have to place your order by email and just sort of hope your selection is still in stock. Shirley Brian Yarns sells their yarn directly online so (presumably) you’ll know immediately if you’re placing an order for something in stock. On top of that it is made in Canada and there seems to be a larger selection of colourways.

Speaking of colourways, I am absolutely in LOVE with a couple of them. Wolle’s has some really nice colourways, but I am really drawn to the colourways Shirley Brian Yarns offers. The bright, super saturated, high impact colour transitions appeal to me more than more subdued ones, and Shirley Brian Yarns has some pretty phenomenal colourways (especially Flashdance (acid green – mauve – jeweled purple)… LOVE IT!).

The one thing I am unsure of is whether they offer smaller balls of end colour in case your project takes a bit more than one ball. It is one thing that Wolle’s does that I find pretty hugely convenient, so if Shirley Brian Yarns doesn’t that would be the only downside I can see.