“Unlike you, knitting isn’t the main consideration behind all my decisions”

Paradox Point, New Brunswick, Canada

I took this picture Saturday evening from their front deck. People go their whole lives never seeing such a beautiful place, and they LIVE HERE. Crazy.

Went to visit my parents this past weekend. They live not too far from us, just a 2 hour drive, and where they live is absolutely gorgeous. Right on the ocean at the tip of a peninsula overlooking the water. Phenomenal spot, and actually so beautiful that my husband and I opted to get married there on their lawn! A visit was long overdue, we hadn’t seen them since Christmas which is a long time for us, though a big part of the reason why it had been so long was because they spent a good chunk of the winter in Arizona. Good visit was had by all I’d say. Lots of “You’ve gotten so big!’ comments about my kid (because he seriously is growing like hell). My mom got to show me her bowls that she is making (really neat if you ask me!)Ā and I got to show her my knitting projects. Fun stuff. šŸ™‚

The visit isn’t actually the point of this post. The drive home is.

There is two ways for us to drive between our house and my parents house. Both routes take roughly the same amount of time (~2 hours), and generally we opt to take the slightly faster, mostly highway route. Just a smoother, easier ride. Yesterday, however, my husband announced he was going to go the other way. The twisty turny bumpy way. This was extremely uncharacteristic of him, but I immediately knew exactly why he decided to drive that route – he thought it would be more fun to drive, especially now that he recently got a new car with a “Sport Mode”. I put up a bit of a fuss and tried to convince him to go the normal smooth straight hiqhway-way, but no luck. He finally asked me why I cared so much which way he went, and I had to admit that it was because the way he wanted to go was too turny and bumpy for me to be able to knit on the drive.Ā He replied teasingly….

“Unlike you, knitting isn’t the main consideration behind all my decisions.”

At first I was going to argue the fact but I had to agree that actually knitting is the driver behind not all but definitely a disproportionate number of my decisions. Knitting factors into all types of decisions, such as:

  1. whether or not to go to the gym (If I go I will have less time to knit in the evening)
  2. what to eat (some foods make my hands greasy and that can rub off on to my knitting. Also, if a meal takes a lot of preparation/tending it can really cut in to my knitting time as well)
  3. what to watch on TV (I can concurrently knit and watch some things without difficulty, but some things require my full attention)
  4. what to wear (depending upon the yarn I am using some of my shirts just suck up every single little fluff from the yarn and end up looking ridiculous, so if I am going to knit with fluffy yarn I will NOT wear certain shirts)
  5. when to use the washroom (do I pee now and risk losing my place in the pattern, or do I hold it, finish this pattern repeat and THEN go pee?)
  6. how to style my hair (if I am knitting cables I make sure to have my hair up so that I can stick my needle into my hair when I’m not using it. If I don’t I inevitably misplace it.)

And now I can add “what route to take when driving” to the list of decisions affected by knitting.

I know to lots of people that is extremely odd and maybe even a little troubling. The way I see it is that we all have our priorities, and they don’t always make sense to other people. For example, my husband’s desire to drive over twisty turny car-sickness-inducting roads for “fun” is beyond me, as is hisĀ refusal to relinquish any more of our lawn space to gardens because it would mean there would be less to mow, and he LOVES mowing the lawn. We’re all weird as hell, and we all value things differently from other people.


Anyway, I couldn’t knit on the drive home, all because my husband values driving on swervy roadsĀ over knitting. Some people…