Can I use Reverse Psychology to convince myself that I don’t want to start this new shawl immediately?

I’m not usually one for Family Guy references, but this seemed pretty on point for how I feel right now..

I am apparently insane. I currently have three big projects on the go: Fellowship of the Shawl, Sock Yarn Blanket, and Stripes Gone Crazy sweater. They are the three biggest projects I have EVER taken on and not a single one has even made it to the halfway point. Why? Because, like I said, I am buckets of crazy and started THREE HUGE PROJECTS AT THE SAME TIME! I mean, really, what was I thinking!! No sane person would do this.

The fact is that really like all three of these projects, like working on them, like how they’re looking (though I’m still not happy with my shoulder in my sweater…), and am excited to see them all done (if I ever finish them). Having these three big projects on the go and switching between them means that they each are going to take a small age to actually finish since I never really dedicate enough time to one to finish it in a timely fashion. This has always been something I have struggled with, ever since I started knitting.Always lots of projects on the go, all of which I’m excited about, but never quite focused enough to just sit down and FINISH ONE. And despite knowing I have too much on the go already I am always on the lookout for the next project.  Hell, I have this problem with EVERYTHING in my life, not just knitting.

I never lack in enthusiasm, but focus? Yeah, not so mu– Ooo! Shiny dinosaur sticker!!

Yeah, well, this brand of insanity persists because I have already started looking at new shawl patterns I want to make. I keep saying to myself that I won’t start a new shawl until AFTER I am done my Fellowship shawl, but man…. temptation. This is temptation. But for now, lets all assume I have at least a bit of common sense and that this project won’t be started until after I finish what I’m currently working on. (ha…..)

The pattern I’m lusting over is Reverse Psychology. I think it is a pretty cool pattern and very appealing for a shawl pattern for a number of reasons.

  1. it is reversible. I love that there isn’t a right side or wrong side.
  2. it is more wearable and interesting than your average triangle or half-pi shawl. Asymmetrical = interest!
  3. it can be made with or without beading (something I am sort of interested in trying)
  4. it is pretty simple to make (or so I’m told)
  5. it is specifically made to work using Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton!

Yes, this pattern was made with that specific yarn in mind, made to really work with and accentuate the colour gradient of the yarn. And you can see from the projects people have made using this yarn, the pattern really does work great with the yarn.

As I have posted previously, I really like Wolle’s yarn. I used it in my Mizzle and loved the result. I am currently using it in my Fellowship of the Shawl and am loving the result. The gradients her yarn makes are really striking and beautiful. I get that the yarn isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I frankly really love working with it. And hey, 100% cotton works great if I’m looking to make something for someone with a wool allergy. 🙂

Wolle's Color Changing Cotton 100g - Truffle 2

Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton 100g – Truffle 2

Right now I have a 100g skein of Wolle’s in the Truffle 2 colourway (chocolate brown – camel/tan – turquoise) that is just crying out to be made into something awesome. Unlike my Sand and Snow skeins I don’t have any extra of the end colour, so any project I make with this has to be able to be finished with just the one ball. Reverse Psychology seems like just that pattern!

I really love this colour way, I love the blend of browns and the turquoise, and I think it will look really great knit up into this project. The colorway I am using for my Fellowship shawl is more subtle or subdued, and therefore works well when the knit itself has a lot of interest (in my case, lacework). This one, though, has a lot of impact all on its own, so I think it will work better on a project that lets the color change be more of the focus, if you know what I mean. If I do use beads (and I have not decided if I am going to or not) I’d have to do some proper pondering over the colour of the beads. It would need to be something that worked well across the three colours of the yarn, which could be hard to nail down. Clear beads maybe? No idea.

So basically, I’m thinking this shawl in this yarn is next on the docket, but man… I really gotta finish SOMETHING before I start this… right?