Spotlight – Star Wars Storm Trooper Hat

Star Wars is a “thing” in my household. I’ve always liked Star Wars, but my husband… he LOVES Star Wars. He owns every film in I think triplicate, INCLUDING the three original films on LASER DISK! LASER DISK!!!! To be able to watch them he had to buy a flipping laser disk player! Just let that set in for a moment. In addition to that he has built himself a scale model of a Super Star Destroyer (with no instructions, just made it up on his own). We incorporated Star Wars references in our wedding vows, and I even had the bag piper play us out to the theme to Star Wars  (yes, on bagpipes) as a surprise for my husband. The laser disk thing I can’t get past, but you know, I can’t fault his level of dedication. I have probably done similar uber fandom things before, especially in relation to Harry Potter.

Today is May 4th, as in “May the fourth be with you”, aka. Star Wars day, and in honour of this event I looked back in my favourites and found one of the first things I favourited back when I first joined Ravelry – The Star Wars Storm Trooper Hat by Sheila Toy Stromberg. I think this hat is obviously crazy dorky and nerdy, but it is also just FUN. And free. I loves me a free pattern. And you know, while I really like the storm trooper motif, what I think what it brings it up to 11 (and makes it extra appropriate for today) is the “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” written around the circumference. This is a pattern that I got excited about at the beginning of my Ravelry membership, and it is a pattern I look back on fairly regularly with a bit of a “Soon….” sort of attitude. My husband is a dweeb and doesn’t wear toques (a failed Canadian, I know) so knitting him this hat would be useless as he would never wear it, but for me? Yeah, I’d wear it.

Happy May the Fourth day, everyone!