Rainbow slugs is what happens when you knit while feverish

I have been pretty ill as of late. It started with the flu last week and I thought I got better but then it all came back, only it brought a horrible cough with it. Finally went to the doctor (at my husbands insistence) on Wednesday, was deemed for real sick and ordered off work until next week. Normally I’d be all “Woo! Free time off!” but time off while properly ill is not as fun. I have spent most of the last few days napping on the couch and feeling unhappy and lonely. I didn’t even feel well enough to knit!

Until yesterday, that is.

Rainbow Slug?

My rainbow slug/Blerp Angel. (Seriously, what the hell is this thing?)

Yesterday I decided I wanted to knit, so I randomly started knitting something. I had a vague idea that it would be a 3D thing, but man… It ended up way weirder than I planned. I have no idea what it is. My sister says it looks like a rainbow slug, and I suppose that it does. I keep referring to it in my head as Blerp Angel, despite it having exactly zero angelic qualities. I even put a heavy rock in its butt so that it would sit properly on a flat surface. Why I felt so devoted to this weird thing to even go as far as making sure it sits properly… Man, I don’t know. Blame the fever maybe…? 

20150516_113608Anyway, I am now finally starting to feel better. I still don’t feel 100% but I am definitely on the mend. I have ventured outdoors today and am currently tucked away in my screen tent (an awesome gift from my sisters!) with my sock yarn blanket to work on. Still slowly chipping away at it. I definitely don’t feel up to working on anything more complicated than this blanket, so my Fellowship of the Shawl will have to wait until a time when my mental abilities are back to rights. I am so sleepy these days, I would hate to be working along, fall asleep, and then forget where I was.

In other news, it is Victoria Day Weekend! (I got sick at a pretty crappy time, eh?) Where I have been home since Wednesday afternoon  a three day weekend isn’t as exciting as it normally would be, but I still hope to make the most of it. Some chill time in my screen tent is definitely on the docket, but mostly the extra day of weekend will just be an extra day for me to rest up and get better.