Post-Apocalyptic Skill Set (P.A.S.S.)

Lots of knitters (and crocheters and sewers and weavers etc) take pride in the fact that, if there was an apocalypse, they’d be able to still make their own clothes. I am one of those knitters, and “Well, if there is an apocalypse at least I’ll be able to keep myself and my family clothed!” is a oft-repeated justification of my hobby. Obviously I don’t plan on knitting underpants for my husband any time soon (though after typing that out the hilarity of the project may just persuade me), and there is the whole issue around the difficulty in getting yarn in one of those doomsday scenarios that my husband repeatedly points out, but those are just details. Just go along with the general idea that I COULD, if absolutely needed, make clothing for my family, alright?

Post-Apocalyptic Skill Set (or P.A.S.S. for short) are those skills that would come in useful and help with survival should there be an apocalypse or other “end of society” scenarios. They are skills that would help satisfy a person’s base needs (food, warmth, water, clothing, etc).

Note: I was going to call it “Apocalyptic Skill Set” but the acronym is A.S.S. and I’ll be damned if I’m going to go around saying I’m working on my A.S.S.

And really, it isn’t that I expect an apocalypse to happen, it is more a slightly ridiculous way of identifying skills that build towards self-sufficiency in a grander sense. Knitting can be done without high tech gadgets, without electricity and its end product is something that can help to keep a human being alive (ie. warm clothes). I live in Canada so, yeah, making sure you don’t freeze to death is a very real concern for most of the year, so warm knitted garments really could be the difference between life and death.

Since I am so proud of knitting’s usefulness in survival, I started thinking about other skills that have the same sort of “I could keep myself alive if I had to” trait. I think it is so easy to take for granted all the conveniences we have, and a lot of these types of skills have been lost over the past couple generations. I do possess SOME valuable skills, such as first aid. I am certified by St. John Ambulance in First Aid and attend yearly refresher courses to maintain those skills, all paid for by my work, all because I volunteered at work to be one of the designated first aid people they required. If society collapses you just know that first aid is going to be a valuable skill! But there are other skills that would definitely move me more towards being self-sufficient that I don’t possess, like:

  • hunting/trapping
  • animal farming
  • basic wood working/construction
  • growing a productive vegetable garden
  • canning/preserving the harvest from a vegetable garden

Coming Soon – Lesley’s epic vegetable garden! WOO!

Me, I have exactly zero interest in learning to hunt or trap animals, and I don’t have the space, interest, or level of dedication needed in raising sheep, chickens, pigs, or cows. So that leaves us with being able to build stuff, and growing and preserving vegetables.

Well, okay then, lets do this!

I have decided to grow my P.A.S.S. (Post-Apocalyptic Skill Set) and am starting a vegetable garden! Not only that, I have decided to blog about it here. Yes, I know, veg gardening isn’t at all knitting related, but this is my blog and I get to do what I want, and therefore I have decided that my quest to build up a good P.A.S.S. is henceforth going to be part of this blog.


Just to be clear, this isn’t replacing the knitting posts. This is IN ADDITION TO the knitting posts.


UPDATE: I have created a subdomain and started blog for my gardening adventures! Click here to check it out!