Week of Discussion: Day one – Gorgeous Gradients

Ah, Ravelry! Yes, there is a metric ton of patterns (which I spend way too much time browsing), but the discussion boards/groups are really where Ravelry turns it up to eleven. What an incredible resource! I can say with total certainty that I would not be half the knitter I am were it not for all the help and information found on Ravelry, but the boards are so so much more than just knitting help. There is a real feeling of community and “We’re all in this together” on those boards which I just love. And then there is the base level awesomeness of seeing other people’s amazing work.

So today I wanted to highlight some of my favourite groups, discussion boards, and even specific posts that I personally really enjoy, featuring one a day all week long. Obviously it would make sense for you to join Ravelry in order to see and participate in these boards, but the membership is free and I see no idea why you wouldn’t want to!


Day One: Gorgeous Gradients

Step 4: Rinse and dry the yarn

My DIY Gradient Yarn

This board is all about colour gradients, both in terms of gradient yarns but also gradient finished objects. It is very much a welcoming group, and a lot (maybe most) members seem to have been directly sought out and recruited by the moderator when they saw that they had a gradient knit! That is how I found this group. Lots of inspiration, ideas, and eye candy. And even pattern suggestions that show off the gradient!

There are some particular threads on that forum that I keep an eye on:

This forum has lots more to offer, and is a great place for anyone in love with gradient knits!