Week Of Discussion: Day Three – Lovin’ the Freebies!

This week I am featuring the best of the Ravelry discussion boards. Each day I highlight a particular group, forum, or topic that I personally find either interesting, informative, inspiring, or just plain cool! Be sure to log in to your Ravelry account to be able to view boards/threads! (It is free to sign up and well worth it if you ask me!)

Day One: Gorgeous Gradients

Day Two: Yarn (one of the main Ravelry forums)

Day Three: Lovin’ the Freebies!

My sock yarn blanket is one of my favourite freebies to date!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against paying for patterns. I will drop a fair amount of money on a pattern if it is truly what I’m looking for, and the patterns I have paid for so far were for the most part not inexpensive but each has been worth it. HOWEVER! I do loves me a free pattern, and this group shares that sentiment. Great resource for finding free patterns, as well as seeing what people have done without a pattern at all (ie. they designed it themselves). The group isn’t about casting a negative light on those designs that DO cost money, but rather highlighting some of the really great patterns that are free. (I personally have created and released some free patterns, in case you’re curious!)

Some particular threads worth checking out:

  • I designed it myself! – It isn’t about free patterns, but rather what people have done without using any sort of a pattern they got from someone/somewhere else. In that sense it is a “freebie”, and I love seeing the types of things people have come up with on their own. It helps to reinforce the feeling that it can be worth trying to design something yourself, that you don’t always have to rely on someone else to design it for you!
  • Forever Free 2015 (along with this previous thread) – The place where people post about new free patterns they have found, as well as a place for designers to advertise their new free pattern.
  • Finished Freebies – If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably noticed by now that I really like the threads where it is more or less a wall of pictures people have posted of their finished items. This is another one of those, but I personally find it nice knowing that every one of the finished items was a free pattern.