Week of Discussion: Day Four – Selfish Knitters

This week I am featuring the best of the Ravelry discussion boards. Each day I highlight a particular group, forum, or topic that I personally find either interesting, informative, inspiring, or just plain cool! Be sure to log in to your Ravelry account to be able to view boards/threads! (It is free to sign up and well worth it if you ask me!)

Day One: Gorgeous Gradients

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Day Three: Lovin’ the Freebies!

Day Four РSelfish Knitters & Crocheters

This hat is one of the very few occasions where I agreed to knit something for another person after they made a specific request. I still wasn’t super comfortable with the whole thing since I feel like the finished item was pretty imperfect, but I think he appreciated it…

This group was a bit of a godsend for me. As I have posted in the past, I have a real problem knitting things for other people, in part because I never think it is good enough, but also because I can’t bare to part with something I spent so many hours working on. I also always worry that whoever I knit something for won’t appreciate the item as much as I think they should based upon how much work I put into it. My list of knit-worthy people is pretty short, let me tell you, and for a while I was feeling fairly guilty over this, but then I found this group and it was like, “Man, it isn’t just me! These people really get how I feel!”.

I get that a lot of people would probably find this group offensive or rude or just wrong, but to me this isn’t a negative forum. It isn’t about never knitting for anyone else, but rather making the choice to only knit for people who you know will appreciate and use what you have made for them. It is also giving yourself permission to decline a request, as well as providing various scripts for doing so politely but clearly.


Good thread to check out:

  • What are we selfishly knitting for ourselves today? – Yes, another thread where people post pictures of their projects. I really like this, though, because people are generally really excited about the projects and really looking forward to the finished project.