Week of Discussion: Day Five – Techniques (one of the main Ravelry Boards)

This week I am featuring the best of the Ravelry discussion boards. Each day I highlight a particular group, forum, or topic that I personally find either interesting, informative, inspiring, or just plain cool! Be sure to log in to your Ravelry account to be able to view boards/threads! (It is free to sign up and well worth it if you ask me!)

Day One: Gorgeous Gradients

Day Two: Yarn (one of the main Ravelry forums)

Day Three: Lovin’ the Freebies!

Day Four: Selfish Knitters & Crocheters

Day Five – Techniques (one of the main Ravelry boards)

I learned about the "Bubble Wrap" stitch from a random post on the Techniques board!

I learned about the “Bubble Wrap” stitch from a random post on the Techniques board!

I saved this board for last because, for me, this board is pretty spectacularly useful. If you follow only one board on Ravelry, this should be it. I have learned more about knitting from this one discussion board than anything else on the internet. There are a couple specific threads that are particularly treasure trove-y in terms of valuable tips and information, but the real value in this discussion board is due to the fact that there are questions of all sorts constantly being asked (and answered). Everything from “How should I block this awkwardly shaped item?” to “Something messed up, can you help me figure out where I went wrong?” to “Can you identify this stitch pattern?”. Perhaps a weird way of putting it, but I have learned a tremendous amount from everyone else’s questions, concerns, mistakes, and problems. I read pretty much every thread in that board, even if the question being posed isn’t at all related to the type of knitting I do, because I think the more I know, the more ways of solving all types of problems I’m aware of, the better knitter I will be. (It bares saying that, like the Yarn forum, this is one of the main Ravelry boards and is therefore pretty closely moderated. To me this is good because it keeps the posts on-topic and not filled with unhelpful, uninformative chatter, resulting in a concentrated board of informative awesomeness.)

The piece de resistance is the Personal Tips and Resources thread. It isn’t a place to ask questions, but rather to post about the tips, shortcuts, tools, and solutions you came across (or invented) that you personally find helpful, and maybe it will help someone else. As I make this post there is over 5,700 posts in that thread, and I have read every single one of them. It took me a long time (obviously) but I did, and holy hannah have I taken a lot away from it. I love that sometimes someone will post their tip and other people will come in and confirm it, or (more interestingly) disagree and then explain why that doesn’t work for them.


There are tons of other discussion boards and groups on Ravelry, covering every topic and interest, so definitely browse around. I guarantee you’ll find at least a few that suit you! I have a number of honourable mention groups that I could have posted about (like the Fans of Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton group and the Harry Potter Lovers group) so maybe someday I’ll revisit this, but really the point I wanted to make is that the Ravelry discussion boards are hugely powerful, valuable, and worthwhile, and I encourage everyone to participate. 🙂


There ends the week of discussion. It was fun doing this theme week of sorts, but I look forward to getting back to normal posts next week.