To frog or not to frog… That is the question… 2

If you don’t know what spring peepers are, they are just this little frog that vocalize (a high pitched “Peep! Peep!” sound) in the spring. For us hearing the spring peepers is the first sure sign that winter is finally over.

Friday night my husband and I went on a bit of a summertime date (He got us some ice cream, and then we parked by the river and watched the sunset while we ate our ice cream. So romantic! ) and on the drive home with the sunroof open we heard the loud calling of spring peepers.They do their loud dusk calling throughout the summer, but last night it was crazy how loud it was. It was remarkable enough that I took a video.

They are one noisy-ass frog, lemme tell ya, but this was way beyond normal in terms of volume. On top of that, they were very timely because I have been thinking over a bit of a predicament…

I am seriously considering frogging and restarting my Stripes Gone Crazy Sweater.

StripesGoneCrazyIncreasesI haven’t worked a single stitch on it in many months (not since JANUARY for heaven’s sake!!), and, yeah, my sock yarn blanket is part of that, but the big reason is that I am not happy with my sweater so far. I mean, geeze, the last post I made about it was how I totally effed up my shoulder decreases as well as where I picked up the stitches on either side, and frankly I did a pretty pathetic job of fixing those issues. As I have worked on other things since I hibernated that project I feel like I have improved a moderate amount since then, and I definitely wouldn’t be repeating those mistakes. I also know I’m always going to see those mistakes every time I look at the sweater. Its one of those “No one else would notice but I will” things. I could knit the rest of it totally perfectly but I will just see that weird seaming and gappy shoulders.


So what to do… Do I frog the hours of work I have put into it so far and start over, or do I continue along under the hope that once the sweater is done I really won’t see the mistakes?