I don’t have the pattern but this is close enough. 2

I decided that Noro yarn is not for me. I just couldn’t do it, and the feedback I got on it was far from encouraging. The colours are undeniably beautiful but the texture and inconsistent weight of the yarn were problems too big to be willing to roll the dice. A big project like this is not the time to take a risk/leap of faith like that.

Plus, Yarns on York didn’t have much in stock. Calling that a sign from the knitting Gods.

Forgiving their lack of Noro, Yarns on York actually had a much better selection than they previously had! I was actually pretty surprised and impressed.

In the past it seemed like over half the store was basic Berroco yarns and very little in the way of fancier, “fun” yarns. Don’t get me wrong, Berroco is a lovely yarn and has its place, but it isn’t exactly exciting. Anyway, this time they had tons of new and different yarns, lots if different colours and textures and weights. Their fun sock yarn selection was expanded too! I was extremely pleased.

20150829_134113In amongst all the fancy new selection I found a yarn I has never heard of before – Cascade Tangier. Lovely soft feel, silk/cotton blend, and pretty long colour changes. It is a little rustic looking, it has some texture, which normally isn’t my thing, but the sample they had knit up was really nice. I went with the “seascapes”, the thought being the greens and teal and greys would be more wearable than a rainbow colorway. I bought five balls and called it day.

Now, about my project…

In my last post I referenced the Lady Eleanor pattern, but I had two issues with it:

  1. The pattern isn’t available online.
  2. I didn’t really understand why it needed a pattern. It is just basic entrelac knit into a big rectangle!

Okay, I assume there is probably more to the pattern than just basic entrelac, but I can’t see what. So me, I decided to just wing it and just make a rectangular entrelac wrap!  And so I have!


Man, this yarn is exceeding my expectations. The colours are working up really beautifully as entrelac, and it is lovely and soft. It is also working up pretty quickly. So, so far so good!