One other change since I last posted is that I now wear red lipstick every day. I know this has precisely zero to do with knitting and utterly uninteresting to anyone else, but hey! It’s exciting to me!

Huge apologies for the epic two month long hiatus. I can give you all sort of explanations why, but for the most part it is because I started a new job. Its a fantastic new job and I love it, but it keeps me extremely busy. And then you factor in that I am going to the gym every day before work (plus an extra advanced level step class after work on Tuesdays)… As you might expect, the evenings usually find me physically and mentally exhausted. I just haven’t had the energy to post. Hell, for the majority of September I hardly picked up my needles! So this all represented quite a big change to my life, and something had to give while I acclimated.

My life is still hectic and exhausting but I’m feeling more used to it now. I’ve decided to make Get Your Knit Together a priority again. This site matters to me, if only just as a diary of all my knitting adventures. I find it really interesting and fun looking back on all my projects. So I’m bringing it back! I likely won’t be able to post multiple times a week like I had been, and instead am going to aim for at least once a week. That should be a much more reasonable and very do-able goal. This less intense posting schedule is also more reflective of how much time I actually have to knit these days. 

And I do still intend to post the patterns for the rest of my tri-blend set. For free, of course!

Coming up soon:

  • My Unemployment Wrap is done and oh so fabulous! And huge. Very huge.
  • Leftover yarn = gorgeous entrelac cowl!
  • My sock yarn blanket is out of hibernation and all kinds of wonderful!