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Age appropriate but still fun

I have a long standing issue with wearing things age appropriate, but not in the way you’d maybe thing. I like to wear properly stupid/silly looking things. My bunny hat is a great example. I made the hat and love the hell out of it. I have taken to wearing it around the house because why not! BUNNY EARS!! Everything is better with bunny ears, right? And that hat is seriously toasty warm. And then I wore it to work and got five people commenting on how awesome it is. Win, right?

Well, apparently it isn’t really work appropriate and isn’t really age appropriate and I shouldn’t wear it in public. I swear being a grown up is ruining all my fun.

Fine. FINE! I won’t wear my bunny hat to work! …. kill joys….

So then I threw this together.

Its just a simple ear warmer, knit in a simple checkerboard, and I knit a fun pink bow and attached it off center. Simple, but functional. I can wear it and it won’t ruin my hair (in most cases). And it is still pretty warm. I mean, not as warm as the bunny hat, but still pretty warm. I actually used the same yarn as my bunny hat since I had so much left over.

When I put it on and showed my husband he expressed some… doubt. Yes, lets say doubt. Doubt whether it was age appropriate, whether or not it would be considered silly or funny, etc. I asked around and the consensus seems to be that it is okay, so I’m calling it good to go. Sure, the big pink bow may not be the most classy grown up thing, but it sure as hell is better than the bunny ears. I can’t be totally grown up all the time, right?

Bunny hat 1

The internet made do it!

Or more accurately, the people on the ravelry forums did! I have long wanted a bunny hat so I finally made one. Knit up insanely quickly, thanks to the super bulky yarn and it is very warm. I kind of love it, though the ears aren’t as big and floppy as I intended. They are kind of stiff actually. But whatever, I made a bunny hat life is good.2016-01-13 21.27.08

It bares stating that this is my third hat this month. I made two more harf, and now this. I only have one head! I need to cool it with the hats…

Project Notes:

  • Used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn in “Pink” and “Grey Marble”. The yarn was pretty good to work with, end result is quite soft. The grey yarn is a big sheddy, though.
  • I used size 13 US needles, and it knit to a fairly tight gauge. I like it that way, though.
  • the main hat part was knit as a hood type thing, sort of like my harf, but with a bit of ribbing at the front edge for a bit of detail. I love this style of hat because I can put it on without ruining or messing up my hair!
  • The ears were surprisingly easy to make. I knit the grey outer part and then knit the pink inner part, then attached them using the pink yarn and a crochet hook. The end result is a surprisingly clean, tidy seam and nice looking inner ear bit. 20160114_084613
  • the ears themselves were actually a bit heavy so it took a bit of extra work and reinforcement to attach them so that they stayed up and a bit perky.
  • the bunny tail in the back was just some old white acrylic I had kicking around that I fluffed up by brushing it.






Test knit done, so I’d say the pattern is ready for release!



A harf is a fitted hood that fits closely to the head so that there is nowhere for the cold winter winds to come in. The scarf is actually more of a cowl in that it is an attached loop to the hood that you twist and loop over your head, holding the hood snugly (but comfortably) in place, locking in the warmth and locking out out the cold. The harf is knit in garter stitch for extra squish, but also for the stretch and elasticity garter gives. You want it to be quite stretchy so that it really conforms to your head. Without a pompom a harf is perfect for going underneath a helmet. With a pompom it is a sassy piece of winter warmth.


Materials required:

  • 300 yards (plus additional length for pompom) worsted weight yarn or a light chunky weight yarn (I have done both with success)
  • Size US10 circular needle
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Additional needle for holding stitches, or some scrap yarn to hold them


Surprising Harf popularity

10669034_10156384367825603_1823530179953691780_oI posted about my harf on the Ravelry forums, basically saying that it may be silly looking but it is super warm. Well, a ton of people asked me to write up the pattern for it! Very unexpected, but hey! Who am I to deny the world more harfs! 🙂

The problem, of course, is that I winged it when I made it and only have a vague idea of what I did to make it. I wrote down what I THINK I did, but I now need to go get some yarn and do a proper test knit to make sure my pattern is accurate. It shouldn’t take an excessive amount of time, it is a fairly quick pattern to do up, but it will def take a bit of time. Still, I’m hoping to have it done and the pattern published this weekend or early next week.


I still can’t believe my harf is popular! LOL

Behold my Harf. How I love my harf.


I don’t have a picture of my actual ball of yarn, but this is the colourway I used.

My lovely husband and kid gave me some yarns for christmas and after having spent a lot of time knitting some hats for other people I was eager to put some of it to use for something for me. One ball in particular called out to me to be used for something special. It was a big squashy ball of James. C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn in a lovely purpley bluey pinky colourway. I’ve looked at that brand of yarn many a time previously, usually lured by the super squashy feel and bright colours, but had never actually bought any. Now that I had some I was sort of excited about it. Also, I generally use thinner yarns, so having some chunky heavier weight yarn to work with was sort of exciting all on its own.

But what to make!

I knew I didn’t want to make anything complicated since my previous two projects (this floating squares hat and this birds on a branch hat) were both fussy. I also knew I didn’t want a pattern, I just wanted to wing it, again because the previous two projects were particular and fussy. So I just started knitting.

The end result is magical. Absolutely magical.


I call it my “harf”. Its just a hooded scarf, nothing new or groundbreaking, but sweet mother of pearl do I ever love this stupid thing. It is warm and comfy and squashy and just my favourite thing ever.

Now lets be clear – it isn’t a high fashion garment. I am fully aware it looks ridiculous but oh how I love it.


This hat was utterly and completely unscientific and inexact, but oodles of lovely. Fun to knit, fun to wing, and fun to wear.