Behold my Harf. How I love my harf.


I don’t have a picture of my actual ball of yarn, but this is the colourway I used.

My lovely husband and kid gave me some yarns for christmas and after having spent a lot of time knitting some hats for other people I was eager to put some of it to use for something for me. One ball in particular called out to me to be used for something special. It was a big squashy ball of James. C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn in a lovely purpley bluey pinky colourway. I’ve looked at that brand of yarn many a time previously, usually lured by the super squashy feel and bright colours, but had never actually bought any. Now that I had some I was sort of excited about it. Also, I generally use thinner yarns, so having some chunky heavier weight yarn to work with was sort of exciting all on its own.

But what to make!

I knew I didn’t want to make anything complicated since my previous two projects (this floating squares hat and this birds on a branch hat) were both fussy. I also knew I didn’t want a pattern, I just wanted to wing it, again because the previous two projects were particular and fussy. So I just started knitting.

The end result is magical. Absolutely magical.


I call it my “harf”. Its just a hooded scarf, nothing new or groundbreaking, but sweet mother of pearl do I ever love this stupid thing. It is warm and comfy and squashy and just my favourite thing ever.

Now lets be clear – it isn’t a high fashion garment. I am fully aware it looks ridiculous but oh how I love it.


This hat was utterly and completely unscientific and inexact, but oodles of lovely. Fun to knit, fun to wing, and fun to wear.