Surprising Harf popularity

10669034_10156384367825603_1823530179953691780_oI posted about my harf on the Ravelry forums, basically saying that it may be silly looking but it is super warm. Well, a ton of people asked me to write up the pattern for it! Very unexpected, but hey! Who am I to deny the world more harfs! 🙂

The problem, of course, is that I winged it when I made it and only have a vague idea of what I did to make it. I wrote down what I THINK I did, but I now need to go get some yarn and do a proper test knit to make sure my pattern is accurate. It shouldn’t take an excessive amount of time, it is a fairly quick pattern to do up, but it will def take a bit of time. Still, I’m hoping to have it done and the pattern published this weekend or early next week.


I still can’t believe my harf is popular! LOL