Bunny hat 1

The internet made do it!

Or more accurately, the people on the ravelry forums did! I have long wanted a bunny hat so I finally made one. Knit up insanely quickly, thanks to the super bulky yarn and it is very warm. I kind of love it, though the ears aren’t as big and floppy as I intended. They are kind of stiff actually. But whatever, I made a bunny hat life is good.2016-01-13 21.27.08

It bares stating that this is my third hat this month. I made two more harf, and now this. I only have one head! I need to cool it with the hats…

Project Notes:

  • Used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn in “Pink” and “Grey Marble”. The yarn was pretty good to work with, end result is quite soft. The grey yarn is a big sheddy, though.
  • I used size 13 US needles, and it knit to a fairly tight gauge. I like it that way, though.
  • the main hat part was knit as a hood type thing, sort of like my harf, but with a bit of ribbing at the front edge for a bit of detail. I love this style of hat because I can put it on without ruining or messing up my hair!
  • The ears were surprisingly easy to make. I knit the grey outer part and then knit the pink inner part, then attached them using the pink yarn and a crochet hook. The end result is a surprisingly clean, tidy seam and nice looking inner ear bit. 20160114_084613
  • the ears themselves were actually a bit heavy so it took a bit of extra work and reinforcement to attach them so that they stayed up and a bit perky.
  • the bunny tail in the back was just some old white acrylic I had kicking around that I fluffed up by brushing it.