Age appropriate but still fun

I have a long standing issue with wearing things age appropriate, but not in the way you’d maybe thing. I like to wear properly stupid/silly looking things. My bunny hat is a great example. I made the hat and love the hell out of it. I have taken to wearing it around the house because why not! BUNNY EARS!! Everything is better with bunny ears, right? And that hat is seriously toasty warm. And then I wore it to work and got five people commenting on how awesome it is. Win, right?

Well, apparently it isn’t really work appropriate and isn’t really age appropriate and I shouldn’t wear it in public. I swear being a grown up is ruining all my fun.

Fine. FINE! I won’t wear my bunny hat to work! …. kill joys….

So then I threw this together.

Its just a simple ear warmer, knit in a simple checkerboard, and I knit a fun pink bow and attached it off center. Simple, but functional. I can wear it and it won’t ruin my hair (in most cases). And it is still pretty warm. I mean, not as warm as the bunny hat, but still pretty warm. I actually used the same yarn as my bunny hat since I had so much left over.

When I put it on and showed my husband he expressed some… doubt. Yes, lets say doubt. Doubt whether it was age appropriate, whether or not it would be considered silly or funny, etc. I asked around and the consensus seems to be that it is okay, so I’m calling it good to go. Sure, the big pink bow may not be the most classy grown up thing, but it sure as hell is better than the bunny ears. I can’t be totally grown up all the time, right?