Monthly Archives: May 2016

Knitting Room

We’re moving. To heck with our lovely but oh so tiny house, I can’t take it any more. So two months I snapped and announced to my husband

I’m moving. You’re welcome to come with me, I’d actually prefer if you did, but either way I am moving.

So in March we put our house up for sale, and almost four weeks to the day after listing it our house was sold and we had a new house purchased. Needless to say, our realtor was an absolute rockstar. It all happened extremely fast but I’m beyond excited for it. For one, we will FINALLY have a damned guest room. We also will have room in general to exist without constantly tripping over each other and everything we own. No longer will every single room be a multi-function room. No longer will ever single room be shared space. No longer will my decision to have a bath be a family decision lest someone have to poop while I am bathing.

The super exciting OMG element is that I am finally getting a knitting room.


In truth it will mostly be my home office, which is something I properly need since I work from home fairly often, but it will also be my super special no boys allowed Lesley Room. I’m going to have a desk for my work, but also have a single squashy chair in which to sit and knit. I also may have my sewing machine in that room, but more likely I will have that set up in the basement somewhere. It is going to be so nice for so many reasons. Being an introvert I sometimes truly need to just hide and have quiet alone time (something that was utterly impossible in our current house), so have the opportunity to do that will be hugely beneficial for my mental health. Also, finally having room for all my knitting stuff will be fantastic. Everything has been sort of squished into a storage ottoman and it was a big ordeal to find and unearth anything.

The downside for all this is that I have had to pack up everything and had exactly zero time to knit since all this began. Yesterday I actually knit a block in my sock yarn blanket and that is the first knitting I have done in what feels like a lifetime. It felt great though, and has me even more excited to move and get my new knitting room sorted out.