Bunny hat 1

The internet made do it!

Or more accurately, the people on the ravelry forums did! I have long wanted a bunny hat so I finally made one. Knit up insanely quickly, thanks to the super bulky yarn and it is very warm. I kind of love it, though the ears aren’t as big and floppy as I intended. They are kind of stiff actually. But whatever, I made a bunny hat life is good.2016-01-13 21.27.08

It bares stating that this is my third hat this month. I made two more harf, and now this. I only have one head! I need to cool it with the hats…

Project Notes:

  • Used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn in “Pink” and “Grey Marble”. The yarn was pretty good to work with, end result is quite soft. The grey yarn is a big sheddy, though.
  • I used size 13 US needles, and it knit to a fairly tight gauge. I like it that way, though.
  • the main hat part was knit as a hood type thing, sort of like my harf, but with a bit of ribbing at the front edge for a bit of detail. I love this style of hat because I can put it on without ruining or messing up my hair!
  • The ears were surprisingly easy to make. I knit the grey outer part and then knit the pink inner part, then attached them using the pink yarn and a crochet hook. The end result is a surprisingly clean, tidy seam and nice looking inner ear bit. 20160114_084613
  • the ears themselves were actually a bit heavy so it took a bit of extra work and reinforcement to attach them so that they stayed up and a bit perky.
  • the bunny tail in the back was just some old white acrylic I had kicking around that I fluffed up by brushing it.






Test knit done, so I’d say the pattern is ready for release!



A harf is a fitted hood that fits closely to the head so that there is nowhere for the cold winter winds to come in. The scarf is actually more of a cowl in that it is an attached loop to the hood that you twist and loop over your head, holding the hood snugly (but comfortably) in place, locking in the warmth and locking out out the cold. The harf is knit in garter stitch for extra squish, but also for the stretch and elasticity garter gives. You want it to be quite stretchy so that it really conforms to your head. Without a pompom a harf is perfect for going underneath a helmet. With a pompom it is a sassy piece of winter warmth.


Materials required:

  • 300 yards (plus additional length for pompom) worsted weight yarn or a light chunky weight yarn (I have done both with success)
  • Size US10 circular needle
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Additional needle for holding stitches, or some scrap yarn to hold them


Noah’s Annual Hat 2015 – Yellow Minion

My son, like most kids, goes in weird erratic waves of obsessions. Minecraft is a commonly reoccurring one, as well as Batman, Cars, and Star Wars. Well, now we’re in the throes of a Minion obsession.

2013’s hat – Yellow Minion – Awesome picture, but a very mediocre hat.

This is not the first round of Minion obsession. He was allllll about the minions back in late 2013/early 2014 (around the time of Despicable Me 2 if I’m not mistaken) so back then I made him his first minion hat (and matching scarf and mittens). This is the first thing I ever made for him, and sadly I didn’t exactly hit this one out of the park. This was just before I started knitting, so it was crocheted. I didn’t have a pattern (as is the norm, even now) so it was very much winged and woefully imperfect. Frankly, there is lots wrong about it, but bless his heart he wore it.

2014’s hat – Reversible Creeper hat. Imperfect but overall pretty good.

That crappy but made-with-love Minion hat was the first hat of a now yearly tradition. Each year I make him a hat. He decides what theme and gives some broad strokes requests for features (like earflaps), and then I go to town. Last year’s hat was MUCH better than the first Minion hat. I made a reversible Minecraft creeper hat, and damned if that kid didn’t wear it every single day this -past winter. It was warm, it was cool, it was one of a kind, and he loved it. SCORE! However, this was my first project with colourwork and double knitting, so like the minion hat, it is far from perfect. There is some weird puckering going on from my doing the colourwork too tightly in places, and I started decreasing too early and then tried to “fix it” but it ended up just having a weird shape. Also, I ended up making it too short so I had to pick up and knit an extra brim (the green and black stripes on the bottom). None of this mattered to him, he loved the hat.

knitted Minion Hat 2.0

2015’s hat – Minion Hat 2.0. As yet incomplete, awaiting evil Purple Minion side. 

This year he decided he wanted a Minion hat again. He had lofty requests of it being like a mask where he could actually look through the goggles, but we decided that was a bit of a safety issue, so he grudgingly agreed that just a normal minion hat would be okay.

My Muse ha ha ha

Well, here it is. Minion Hat 2.0. Again, no pattern, so the eyes are a bit… weird, but otherwise I’m happy with it. He knew I was working on it but hasn’t seen it finished yet (he’s away for 2 weeks camping with his bio-mom) but I think he’ll like it.

What he doesn’t know is that this is just phase one. I actually am going to make this mo-fo reversible as well! I got purple yarn and some pretty epic purple novelty hair-like yarn…. if you know the Despicable Me 2 movie you can probably guess what I’m going to do… 🙂

Yup, I’m making an Evil Minion hat to go with this one!

It may just be a second hat, but what I am hoping is that I’ll be able to make it so that it fits inside the yellow Minion hat, making it reversible. This may be a lofty goal, but I’m going to try! And this is going to be a total surprise, he has no idea I’m doing this.


One other thing… when I had just started the first hat Noah said, very politely and almost cautiously…

“Les… When you’re done the hat… if you don’t mind…. can you make me a new pair of slippers? My old ones you made me don’t fit anymore. “

Hells yeah, I can! And I’ve already finished one!

Yup, Minion again, and it still needs an eye, but I think he’ll really like it.

I also have plans to make him some matching mittens as well. So basically when he gets back from camping he’s going to have all sorts of new knitting waiting for him. 🙂

PATTERN: Tri-Blend Hat 1

The hat when paired with the matching cowl! Kind of like a colourful ninja.

The hat when paired with the matching cowl! Kind of like a colourful ninja.

I’ve finally had the chance to write up the pattern for the Tri-Blend hat, the first of the tri-blend trio of patterns I’m going to be releasing! It was a bit of a pain in the butt because, as you can probably imagine, the colourwork all had to be charted and that was no small task! Ultimately I got it done and I tried to make it clear and easy to follow.

If you like this pattern please leave a comment letting me know! And if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to answer you as quickly as I can.


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Based loosely on EZ’s bonnet pattern, this bonnet has been made to be comfortable, beautiful, but also extra warm and fitted. My main motivation when designing this set was to show off the beautiful saturated colours of my three yarns, but also to find the best way to shield myself from the extreme cold of Canadian winters, extreme windchill in particular.

The extra long, extra deep bonnet brim and the added length and fit in the back with the short rows ensures the hat fits snuggly against your head.

When combined with the Tri-Blend Cowl (cowl pattern to be released at a later date) they overlap perfectly for extra warms while still being comfortable. Together you have the perfect set to stay warm and block out the coldest winter winds.

The Complete Tri-Blend Set

The Complete Tri-Blend Set


  • 200 yards of worsted weight yarn in three different colours (total 600 yards) The leftover yarn will be enough to also do the Tri-Blend Cowl and Tri-Blend mittens. (cowl and mitten patterns to be released at a later date)
  • Size 6US circular needles (ensure cable is at least 18 inches long).
  • Stitch markers Additional needle for doing the i-cord bindoff.
  • A tapestry needle or crochet hook (for finishing the ends)


This pattern is available on Ravelry.com, and the pattern is available for download.

Download this pattern now!