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Goals for 2015

I started knitting in March of 2014 and in less than a year I feel like I accomplished a lot. There was never any sort of set plan when I decided to take up knitting, it was just for fun and to get comfortable in the art of knitting. Mission accomplished I’d say!

This year, though, is different. There are some specific things I’d like to accomplish in my knitting before this year is out, and I thought that keeping a record here of what they are and maybe crossing them off as I accomplished them would be useful. I may also add additional things to the list as the year goes on.

2015 Knitting Goals

1. Knit a sweater

2. Dye my own yarn and use it for… something. Anything. Bonus points if the yarn ends up being colour gradient yarn. (Success!!)

3. Try my hand at spinning my own yarn using a drop spindle.

4. Knee-high socks for myself. Bonus points if they are stranded. Extra super big gold star sticker if they are Harry Potter related.

5. Attempt Illusion Knitting

6. Create at least 5 more patterns to make available to the public. (1)

7. Try steeking for the first time. It seriously strikes the fear of god in me, but I suspect I need not be so terrified.

8. Keep up with this blog. Maybe that isn’t a knitting goal exactly, but it is related to knitting, and I really do hope I succeed.



Running list of other cool things I did/learned in 2015

1. Attempted Felting (DONE!)







PATTERN: Zig-a-zig-ahh Socks

Zig-A-Zig Ahh socks!

Sassy zig zag!

Sassy zig zag!

Toe up sock with a sassy zig-zag up the side. Don’t worry about intarsia in the round or stupidly long carries. This design has neither! The zigzag is all self-contained and lovely, I promise. These socks are easily adaptable to different sizes. (As written it fits a ladies size 7-9 US) And hey! You get to use the heel turning technique of your choosing!

Includes diagrams and detailed instructions, as well as charts for the zig-zag. The pattern is written to be toe-up but I am fairly certain the chart and the technique for the zig-zag could be easily adapted to work as a cuff down.

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Difficulty: 3/10

Impress your friends: 6/10

Skills needed: knit, knit front back (kfb), heel turning, carrying yarn

Yarn: Fingering weight, 200-400 yards (~300 of colour A, ~100 of colour B)

Needle: 3US



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PATTERN : Ho Ho Ho Slipper Socks

They’re festive, they’re warm, they say “Ho” on them a few times… what isn’t to like about these socks?

Warm and Festive! Awww yeah!

Warm and Festive! Awww yeah!

Difficulty: 5/10

Impress your friends: 7/10

Skills needed: stranded colourwork, toe-up socks, heel turning

Yarn: Worsted weight yarn, 100 yards in red and 100 yards green

Needle: US6

Cost: 0.99$

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