Welcome Back Mittens

14034838_10157336521250603_2674321381275197185_nSaturday this past weekend I just… needed to knit. I haven’t really had a knitty frame of mind for a few months. Maybe it is because I had sort of overdosed on knitting and my brain just needed a break from it. Whatever the reason, I haven’t knit much in months and had been focusing on other crafts/hobbies to fill the huge gaping void that knitting usually held in my life.

But then saturday, something changed…

Lesley’s Basic Mittens

US9 Needles

Patton’s Shetland Chunky in “Blue Jeans” colourway

  • Magic CO 18 (9 on each needle)
  • KFB the first stitch on each needle, knitting the rest (increasing by 2 each round) until there is 28 stitches total (14 on each needle)
  • K until the bottom edge reaches where thumb meets palm, but the other side also easily stretches to the bottom of palm
  • 6 stitch afterthought thumb
  • K another inch or two, until the mitten top reaches wrist plus a bit
  • 2×2 ribbing for 4 inches or so.
  • stretchy bind off
  • pick up stitches for thumb. Pick up 2 in each corner to close gap but knit those 2 together. If it still looks gappy do it again the next round to close gaps.
  • knit until reaches the top of the thumb, then do rounds of K2tog until 2 stitches left. Pull end through those stitches.
  • Weave in ends.

I had a craving for yarn and clicking needles.

I went to my stash… oh my lovely stash… and pawed through it all. I delighted in textures and colours and breathed deeply in the sheepy perfume of my more rustic wool blends. I rubbed various skeins against my face (the only TRUE way to feel yarn as far as I am concerned). I unearthed some long-dormant projects (like my Stripes Gone Crazy sweater) and tsk’d at my failure to show them the respect they deserved. As I mentally re-inventoried I was reminded of all the projects and plans I had made for all of these various yarns and my knitter passion was set aflame once more. Hell, it is a damned blowtorch.

Note the lack of comma in the subject line. I’m not welcoming back mittens. That would be silly. I’m Canadian; mittens are a mainstay in my life and to welcome them back would imply they left at some point. See? Silly. No, what I am referring to is “Welcome Back Mittens”, the mittens I made to welcome myself back into knitting.

14053945_10157336521195603_176939692907972448_nAre they simple? Yep. Dead basic top down mitten with an afterthought thumb. No pattern, no plan. No fancy colour work, cables, or techniques.  Nothing new or complicated or challenging to see here. Just plain old mittens. But hot damn, I made them and I finished them in no time and they are awesome. And for once, they are the same size. When I wing things that come in pairs (mittens, socks, etc) they NEVER end up the same size, but these? These are PERFECTLY THE SAME SIZE. Even the thumbs are the same size!

This has to be a sign.

The knitting gods smiled upon me, friends, and welcomed me back.

Back in the saddle

20160630_131115 we’ve been in our new house for a month now and holy hell, is it ever wonderful. Best part is that the house is basically unpacked a d sorted out now, including……. MY SANCTUARY! (aka. My office aka. My knitting room)

20160605_142607You know I wasn’t sure if this room would be as good as I hoped it would be. I tend to Clark Griswold things, invest a lot of energy and emotion on certain things working out a certain way, building things up in my head, and inevitably sometimes they don’t quite live up to what I imagined. This room though has actually surpassed my expectations!

It features :

  • A super comfy day bed positively covered in pillows, quilts, a sheepskin, and other soft squishy comfortable things. (cheaper and waaaaay better than a couch)
  • A big over sized desk (given to me by my aunt and uncle who didn’t want it anymore) for me to use when I work from home
  • A smart TV that also serves as a second monitor for me when I work from home
  • A knitting closet for storing all my knitting supplies/stash
  • A DOOR so I can close myself off and have some quiet Lesley time when I need it

It is, as you can imagine, magnificent. It works in every way. It is a great home office for me. It is a great private space for me. And it is a great knitting room for me.


This is before I got my desk fromy aunt and uncle, but you get the idea.


So now that things are sorted I have finally been getting back to knitting. Currently I’m working on my sock yarn blanket and holy hell, does it ever feel great to get back into knitting. The relaxation and meditative nature of knitting for me was sorely missed. I haven’t counted the new of blocks I’m at, my plan is to counter once I’m at the end of a row again.


In other news, my need for winter gear is getting jacked up. My office is moving and the parking is going to be about 2 blocks walk away so I am really going to need warm snow gear this year. Since I primarily wear pencil skirts with leggings I  definitely going to want leg warmers or something like that. I have some ideas involving multiple sock yarns. We shall see.


One Day Rainbow Thrummed Mittens


rainbow_midFor real, these mittens shall forever be known as the cause of my inevitable carpal tunnel. The problem isn’t the mittens really, but rather my insane choice to try to knit these mittens in one day. I started them one saturday morning, just casually knitting and managed to finish one by the early/mid afternoon. Plenty of the day left! Maybe I can finish the other one too!

I’m an idiot.

I mean, yes, of course I could. There are lots of things I COULD do, like smash lightbulbs on my face, or shave curse words into cats, but should I? No. No I shouldn’t. I need to stop and think harder over the “SHOULD I” question. Because in this case I probably shouldn’t have.

Signs that I should have stopped:

  • I developed knitting blisters on the sides of my palm where my needle rubs. The solution CLEARLY was to put on protective bandaids to reduce the friction. No thoughts of stopping.


    I also had to make all the thrums, which was a feat of its own

  • During the couple “breaks” (and I use that term very very loosely, since the breaks were only long enough to pee or eat something) I found it increasingly difficult and painful to bend some of my fingers.
  • Wrist pain. Wrist pain that started before I had even finished the first mitten and only got worse as the day went on.
  • A cramp in my hip/butt muscles from the weird way I sit when I knit.

Did I heed any of these signs? No. No I did not. These mittens became a matter of knititng HONOUR. I turned in to some sort of weird knitting Klingon, with a fatalistic “Perhaps today is a good day to die!” attitude. Nothing was going to stop me from finishing these mittens in one day.


12 hours, over 300 thrums, a handful of Advil, and five bandaids later, I finished them.


I spent the day after popping advil and having ice packs on my wrists while my husband repeatedly reminded me that I did this to myself and that that I had no one else to blame for the pain and discomfort I was in. I wasn’t able to knit for days because of the pain in my wrists and fingers, but you know… I’m still proud of having done it. And the mittens are undeniably warm and beautiful. I just love them.


One other change since I last posted is that I now wear red lipstick every day. I know this has precisely zero to do with knitting and utterly uninteresting to anyone else, but hey! It’s exciting to me!

Huge apologies for the epic two month long hiatus. I can give you all sort of explanations why, but for the most part it is because I started a new job. Its a fantastic new job and I love it, but it keeps me extremely busy. And then you factor in that I am going to the gym every day before work (plus an extra advanced level step class after work on Tuesdays)… As you might expect, the evenings usually find me physically and mentally exhausted. I just haven’t had the energy to post. Hell, for the majority of September I hardly picked up my needles! So this all represented quite a big change to my life, and something had to give while I acclimated.

My life is still hectic and exhausting but I’m feeling more used to it now. I’ve decided to make Get Your Knit Together a priority again. This site matters to me, if only just as a diary of all my knitting adventures. I find it really interesting and fun looking back on all my projects. So I’m bringing it back! I likely won’t be able to post multiple times a week like I had been, and instead am going to aim for at least once a week. That should be a much more reasonable and very do-able goal. This less intense posting schedule is also more reflective of how much time I actually have to knit these days. 

And I do still intend to post the patterns for the rest of my tri-blend set. For free, of course!

Coming up soon:

  • My Unemployment Wrap is done and oh so fabulous! And huge. Very huge.
  • Leftover yarn = gorgeous entrelac cowl!
  • My sock yarn blanket is out of hibernation and all kinds of wonderful!

Rainbow slugs is what happens when you knit while feverish

I have been pretty ill as of late. It started with the flu last week and I thought I got better but then it all came back, only it brought a horrible cough with it. Finally went to the doctor (at my husbands insistence) on Wednesday, was deemed for real sick and ordered off work until next week. Normally I’d be all “Woo! Free time off!” but time off while properly ill is not as fun. I have spent most of the last few days napping on the couch and feeling unhappy and lonely. I didn’t even feel well enough to knit!

Until yesterday, that is.

Rainbow Slug?

My rainbow slug/Blerp Angel. (Seriously, what the hell is this thing?)

Yesterday I decided I wanted to knit, so I randomly started knitting something. I had a vague idea that it would be a 3D thing, but man… It ended up way weirder than I planned. I have no idea what it is. My sister says it looks like a rainbow slug, and I suppose that it does. I keep referring to it in my head as Blerp Angel, despite it having exactly zero angelic qualities. I even put a heavy rock in its butt so that it would sit properly on a flat surface. Why I felt so devoted to this weird thing to even go as far as making sure it sits properly… Man, I don’t know. Blame the fever maybe…? 

20150516_113608Anyway, I am now finally starting to feel better. I still don’t feel 100% but I am definitely on the mend. I have ventured outdoors today and am currently tucked away in my screen tent (an awesome gift from my sisters!) with my sock yarn blanket to work on. Still slowly chipping away at it. I definitely don’t feel up to working on anything more complicated than this blanket, so my Fellowship of the Shawl will have to wait until a time when my mental abilities are back to rights. I am so sleepy these days, I would hate to be working along, fall asleep, and then forget where I was.

In other news, it is Victoria Day Weekend! (I got sick at a pretty crappy time, eh?) Where I have been home since Wednesday afternoon  a three day weekend isn’t as exciting as it normally would be, but I still hope to make the most of it. Some chill time in my screen tent is definitely on the docket, but mostly the extra day of weekend will just be an extra day for me to rest up and get better.