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Spats Complete



What a weird little project but honestly? I love them. They are a bit funny and my husband “doesn’t understand” but I think they are great. I also know I’ll be using them because I have some shoes, two pairs in fact, that are extremely comfortable and fine but are slip-ons/backless. That doesn’t work for me because I basically exist in leggings and skirts all fall, winter, and spring. I need booties, not backless shoes. These little spats make those shoes totally wearable with leggings now. I actually think they make the shoes look better in general.


As always, I have some notes:


A poorly photographed heel loop

  • I used Red Heart Super Saver in black. I used this for two reasons. 1) it is cheap acrylic I had kicking around and would have no problem tossing them in the bin if they didn’t work out 2) it is cheap, hard wearing acrylic that I can toss in the washer when they inevitably get dirty.
  • I knit them in a 2×2 rib. When I did my increases I added to the first knit ridge until I added 4 (on each side), which then allowed me to break it off into 2×2 ribbing again.
  • They JUUUUUUST fit to the top of my ankle but frankly I should have knit them to be longer. What can I say, I was impatient. Future spats (of which there shall be many) will be taller, perhaps even with enough length for a folded over cuff.
  • I had heels in mind when I knit these, especially my two pairs of slip on heels, and I wanted to make sure the spats would stay in place. I crocheted a loop into the back of each spat large enough to slip over the heel and slide (snugly) to the top of the heel. This works brilliantly.




I finally did that thing that every other knitter does when they are learning to knit


Behold the glory that is Mega-Sock

For so many people a knitted cotton dishcloth was their first project. but me, I’m special. I sort of skipped all that rite of passage. My first project was actually a sock. Not a pair of socks, just one sock. I had this idea in my head that if I could knit a sock I could knit anything so that is what I started with, which in retrospect was not a super brilliant choice. For one, I had no sense of gauge (just bought size 4US DPNs without any particular reason or explanation other than that they “looked good”), no sense of appropriate yarn (I used dishcloth cotton yarn, mostly because it was cheap and pretty colours), and basically had no idea what the hell I was doing. I did finish the sock, which my husband calls “Mega Sock” because it is MASSIVE. It was good I suppose because I did learn to knit on the round using DPNs, and hey, I made a SOCK. Yes, I knew it was an utterly ridiculous and terminally flawed sock, but it was a SOCK. I had a whole lot of pride over the fact that my first project was a sock rather than a silly dishcloth or boring scarf. And since I “successfully” made a sock I felt comfortable having my second project be something more complicated and challenging, so as it turned out I never actually made a dishcloth.

Until now.

On Sunday I made not one but THREE dishcloths! 20150531_171600I did each one a different way, just trying out different techniques. I like them all, but I think I like the k2p2 checker board one the most. And boy, those dishcloths resemble mega-sock, eh? Yep! I used my leftover yarn from my first project to finally make what perhaps SHOULD have been my first project! Ha! Oh, how these things work out. Circle of life and all that.

Anyway, I did three. One is a simple knit purl type checkerboard, one is more traditional diagonally knit with eyelets around the edge, and one is in a pseudo log-cabin type thing that I sorta winged. I actually winged all of them, just guessed at how they should be made, and they all turned out okay.. ish. The diagonal one pretty crappy if I’m going to be honest, but hey! It was my first dishcloth! Your first dishcloth isn’t supposed to be perfect. 🙂

PATTERN: Kitty Bonnet

Want to make your cat the happiest cat in all the world? If you do then you probably aren’t the kind of person who makes their cat wear silly hats, and if so then move along because this is all about how to make your cat a simple (but oh so fabulous) knitted bonnet! This is basically the slightly improved version of Chickpea’s Toque. I’ve made it so that the ear holes sit flatter, made the hat more shallow so that it sits better on the kitty’s head, and I made the ties to use an icord rather than a weird garter strip. 20150514_162718



Kitty Bonnet

Pattern features holes for the kitty’s ears, and under-the-chin ties to ensure the kitty’s hat doesn’t fall off.


Yarn: DK weight, 10g (scrap yarn, basically)

Needles: US 6 – 4.0mm circular needles

DPNs (optional, but highly helpful for the 3 needle bind off and the icord)


  1. CO 40 on circular needles.
  2. Join on the round being careful not to twist.
  3. K four rounds
  4. Count out 25 stitches. From now until step 16 you will be working back and forth on ONLY these 25 stitches. The remaining 15 stitches will be left unworked until later.
  5. K 25 stitches, turn.
  6. P 25 stitches, turn.
  7. Repeat 4 and 5 four times
  8. K2tog, K 21, SSK. Turn. (23 stitches)
  9. P 23. Turn
  10. K2tog, K2tog, K until four stitches remain, SSK, SSK, turn (19 stitches)
  11. P19. Turn
  12. K2tog, K2tog, K until four stitches remain, SSK, SSK, turn (15 stitches)
  13. P15
  14. K 15
  15. Repeat 13 and 14 five times. At this point you will have something similar to what is pictured here to the right.
  16. You will now have 15 stitches that you have been working, and the 15 that you haven’t worked. Convenient, huh? Put the worked 15 stitches on one side of your circular, and the unworked 15 on your other side. Align them so that the right sides are together.
  17. Using a third needle (a DPN works great) do a 3 needle bind off (or do a Kitchener seam, or just join the two sides however you like.)
  18. Pick up and knit 3 stitches below the left ear hole. Make a simple icord that is approx 6 inches long. Repeat on right side.
  19. Clean up your ends and you’re done!


Add a sassy pompom to the top to make it extra fancy for the feline recipient. Or hey, you could crochet a frilly edge in a contrasting colour along the brim, because everyone knows cats LOVE frilly edges.

download the PDF of this pattern by clicking here

Behold the joy my knitting has brought Chickpea the cat…

This is possibly the most hilarious and proudest moment of my knitting career.

2015-05-07 17.50.36

Holy hell, it was completely worth it to knit that hat just for this picture. That cat is so unimpressed, it is just fantastic. There is something so funny about a murderous cat. So yeah, mission accomplished for this project. I am super happy that my sister and her partner are happy with the hat. On top of that they have requested matching hats, and which I may have to do…




Sock yarn blankets and insane looking hats

My sunny knitting spot for today

You know that whole thing about how it is always cold in Canada? Yeah, not so much. Today, on May 4th, 2015, it is 28° Celsius. And it isn’t like we’re in Vancouver or something – This is New Brunswick, and our weather is FAR from temperate and nice. We had meters and meters of snow this winter, and just a month ago we still had well over a meter of snow on the ground. For it to be this warm right now is just sort of magical. This is downright hot weather by pretty much any standard. The weather is actually so nice that my husband and I decided to use one of our vacations days to be able to enjoy this weather. So very very worth it. Blue sky, nice breeze, no bugs (but they’re coming… or lord they’re coming…), cold refreshing margarita in the glass beside me… Yup, it is awesome.

I’m over halfway through the Aragorn section in my Fellowship of the Shawl, but man…I needed a break! Lacework requires THINKING and BRAIN USAGE, two things I can’t be bothered to engage, so I have gone back to my Sock Yarn Blanket. Weirdly relieving to get back to this super simple mindless knit after all that lacework. The very reasons why I needed a break from it (ex. the super repetitive nature of it, endless garter stitch, super simplicity, etc) are exactly the things that are making is so nice to knit right now. Those stupid little squares are like candy for god’s sake, each one a quick little treat to satisfy some hedonistic part of me.

I don’t know how many blocks there are now. 135ish? Hold on I’ll count…. Holy crap, I’m at 151 blocks! WOOOOO! That is awesome!!


It really is looking great, right? You don’t have to say anything, I know it is awesome. 😉 I’m really impressed/surprised I am over 150 blocks. That feels like a benchmark. And you know, the more I look at this stupid thing the more I love it. And finishing a couple squares has really rekindled my love of this project. I really can’t wait to get it done, I think if I can just make it to the end this will end up being one of my all time favourite projects.


On an unrelated note, I had a sober hit of reality today. I have this ENORMOUS floppy summer hat that I love so hard I can hardly breathe. It is ridiculous in how large it is, and the brim was long since crumpled and broken, so when I wear it it is all crumply and every which way. This amazing hat of mine has been mocked many a time by people (usually my best friend who thinks I should burn it to rid the world of its fashion sins) but I just loved it too much. I genuinely love wearing this hat. I feel sassy and fun wearing my hat.

Then there is the other reality… I am the whitest white girl that ever whited (ie. super pale) and I burn intensely easily. I never tan, just burn. And burn badly. I have had a bunch of truly severe sunburns, and I usually have at least one “so badly sunburned that I blister” burn a year. This hat of mine is so big that it protects my head, chest, shoulders, neck, and top of my back! Amazing protection!

I took a picture of me wearing my hat today and I was all “Look! That is totally cute! What a great hat!!” and then my husband showed me the picture he took of me knitting on the deck yesterday wearing my hat…. You can see both below…


 SASSY! FANCY! Paris, here I come! Woo!  Maximum Dork Achieved (+2pts for knitting while wearing this hat)

Yeah, maybe my hat is a sassy piece of cuteness when I pose, but in reality… oh god, I look insane…

I refuse to retire my enormous hat. I just may wear it out in public a little less….